Firmware Update with Added FXs

@JWiLL, how about firmware update adding some build-in combo effects for the Prime 4 such as:

LPF Echo, HPF Echo, Echo Tremolo, [ TimeFreezeComboFadeEcho], [TremoloNoiseSweep], [ParticleDelayHPFComboTapeEcho], TwistEcho, Echo PingPong, Time Stretch, Tape Echo, Combo AutoFilter, LowCutEchoFilter, Pitch -/+ 50%, Reverb Up, Reverb Down, CrushEcho, Offset, RevDelay, EchoRoll, Reverb / Delay T3 / Digital LoFi, Gater Filter92 Iceverb 3, Beatmasher2, Gater, Filter Pulse, and EchoFreeze - Virtual DJ Echo at 100%.


Christmas wishlist…2020

Maybe also for X1800?