Firmware update v2.0 Frozen

Hello, I just tried updating the firmware on my Denon MCX8000 and now it is stuck on the last step of the 4. Display MCU, Display Assets and Engine have been completed but the last one, Control MCU is stuck and has an empty bar showing no progress. I was told not to turn the controller off at all during the updating process but it has already been at least 45 minutes that it has been frozen like this. How should I proceed?

Hey @JasonTse Sorry for the delayed response. How did you get on with this?

This issue still has not been resolved yet. I emailed customer support and have not received an answer yet. Are you able to help me on this issue? My MCX8000 is still frozen.

Passed your details over now, should be in touch shortly :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update.