Firmware update thoughts


@paul_denondj, my company owns 6 of the SC5000’s and 3 of the X1800’s. We would be more than happy to be included in your beta testing program, since we have so many units we can compare side by side to try and help your dev team along!


Thanks Paul!

I’d also could and like participate as a beta tester for SC5000 / X1800

Thanks again!


Thank you all for the positive responses. We’ll be back in touch very soon regarding the Beta Tester recruitment.

Have a great week everyone.




Great respond @paul_denondj . Would like to a part of beta testing aswell. I also do beta testing for Serato. My setup is 2X SC5000 and Rane 72, open format, and use the setup as bothe standalone and with SeratoDj Pro.


Count me in for the Beta testing Paul, would love help make the 5000’s even better! I have a pair of the 'M’s :sunglasses:


Thanks so much for the com[prehensive update @paul_denondj. I definitely have the bandwidth to be a beta tester, with 20+ years in DJ’ing, along with 5 years in software development in an agile environment, I’m more than willing to contribute tot eh prime ecosystem for the sc5kM’s, X1800 and engine prime software (which i own) . Please reach out if I can assist! Cheers Adrian


Hi @paul_denondj, I’ve been reading the forums for some time and decided to chip in. I have been a NI product owner and forum member since 2003 and an active beta tester. I was also part of the Rekordbox beta test program for Rekordbox and Rekordbox video (sold the XDJs some time ago and went for SC5000’s). I can provide credentials for these. I would very much like to be part of the beta test team if possible. My job is software team leader and release manager (agile) so I may be of some help. Thanks.


“interesting” to see how a reply from @paul_denondj can change the direction of this topic.

This topic started with the request of when there will be (finally) a FW and EP update. A lot of people tag’d along and put in their 2 cents.

Finally a reply arrived, in my opinion a reply with not the content we all were/are waiting for, i.e. no indication on when the updates will happen…the reply also mentioned something about betatesters. And see what happens the whole direction of the topic is changed into “I want to be a tester…”

I’m pretty sure that there are more then enough testers and doubt if more testers will result in more and/or faster updates.

My view: @paul_denondj thanks for the reply but please be more concrete and give us the answers we are all waiting for.

Maybe this sounds negative but to be honest, the denon team is asking for our patience but how much patience should we have…it is almost 1yr after the 1.2 “update”…


I guess i hope that with enough attention it wil grow.

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He said “soon”.

“Soon” is better than never I guess.

Nothing wrong with joining the beta group…at least I can make sure things important to me are addressed or reported.

Could be a bunch of DNB djs beta testing now…the more diverse the better.


It shouldn’t be and really won’t be any surprise that the date and time of the next updates weren’t chiselled in stone on the post from Denon. It’s never happened in the past that an updates release date and time was mentioned before the link to that update was posted up.

I’ve no doubt it’ll arrive and the players and mixer and engine software are all still greatly usable


I thought we all, was beta testers. From the moment we purchased into the engine prime ecosystem, we became beta testers. Then, create a account in the forum to discuss bugs and suggest improvements. Sounds like beta testing to me.

Now the request for certified beta testers after over two years from product release. The whole forum leaps for the chance to be included. Some post even sounds like a resume for a paid position in the company.

All I have to say is keep up the good work guys. You make me proud, to call you consumers.


Valid point my friend.


@paul_denondj some more feedback on things I’d like to see changed/added to the players:

It’s weird that the phase meter only works when the players are synced. I think it should work regardless. I would like to see a phase meter that emulates stacked waveforms like the 2000 NXS2 has. Flexible beatgrids in the same fashion as Serato and Rekordbox. Warping a beat to a grid just doesn’t cut it.

I also made a video showing some issues with Engine Prime. We can’t move crates freely around, and Playlists resort back to their default sort no matter what you do.

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You can’t really give a concrete release date for software/firmware unless it’s already completed - it’s a little like “how long is a piece of string?” As Paul mentioned, sometimes adding/altering existing code can result in unforeseen side effects to existing features and/or stability.


In order to illustrate the complexity of a problem/question, the phrase “how long is a piece of string” is totally appropriate and useful at the onset of a project. And even in the early stages of a complicated project when things are beginning to take shape, one still can’t, with any degree of real certainty, state the length of the string.

And you are absolutely correct that one can’t state with absolute certainty the length of a piece of string until one knows that length. And if we lived in a universe where epistemic certainty existed, I would click the heart on your post. But we do not live in that sort of universe - one of the few certainties for humans is that life is nothing but complicated situations, at best, and unsolvable non-linear dynamic systems, on most days. But we make accurate predictions constantly allowing us to stay alive. If the heart of the Prime Ecosystem was a quantum computer, it probably would be ridiculous to ask how long a piece of string is until the measurement had been made…

Oh snap!! I get it now…Denon distracted everyone with that bluetooth sticker on the box of the sc5000 in order to hide the Truth: the Prime Ecosystem (when completed) will be the first DJ-centric application (or any commercial application) of quantum computing - and inside every Prime player, is a quantum processor. SICK.

Totally relieved. I’m going to go snuggle with Schrodinger my cat, in his box. I guess check on me (or not) once that firmware drops.


just put out a mini update

  1. leave traktor beat grids as they are on import

  2. tweak the eq for sound quality

im no computer programmer but that surely would take a one a person 2 weeks to accomplish including extensive testing, what exactly is the problem?

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Of course I am no one to tell Denon how their teams should work (and I have always refrained from doing so), but I can not resist commenting after reading your last post - take this simply as from a customer point of view.

That’s why the software industry has learned over the last 10-15 years that it’s better to deliver small updates every so often instead of a big overhaul with dozens of risky changes and customer expectation assumptions, having proper automated testing, having a proper alpha-beta-public release cycle in place, and having transparent communication with customers to set reasonable expectations (this last point much improved lately - thanks for that).

The argument of “you can break working features when creating new ones” is also a bad excuse to me, and every software company in the world deals with that every day.

You say your team works in sprints, but you have not released anything for months. That simply makes no sense.

But thanks a lot for at least taking the time to reply.


@garrapeta Indeed the sprints should suggest that something is implemented by the end of each sprint… Or their sprints last 6 months… (actually had a company during training that used 6 month sprints :joy:).


Wonder how the X-1800 will work after the sprint they have had on that one :joy:

One can only wait now…

As I see it: Incoorporate 1 thing - > Did it break anything? - > No - > Launch (and focus on the next thing and repeat the above.)