Firmware update thoughts


Ha ha, I knew someone was going to ask that.I don’t own one, and wouldn’t consider buying one either at present but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t in the future.

I already have the MCX8000 and it’s pretty useless in standalone mode right now due to the limitations of Prime.

It’s funny how so many random users appear on this forum defending Denon in every way. Just makes you wonder …especially since your tone and posting methods remind me of someone else that used to be here doing exactly the same thing.

Anyway, I’m out of this discussion. Denon aren’t responding and it seems you aren’t allowed to comment without owning the products so I’ll just leave you all to it.


Hello everyone. Thank you for your feedback - it’s extremly valuable to us. Rest assured we do listen/read your comments, & I have passed these onto higher management. We are constantly working on making our products the best for our customers, and producing high quality exciting, new products such as the Prime 4. The SC5000 & SC5000M have not been forgotten about, however Firmware updates do not happen over night. Please be patient, and it will be worth the wait :slight_smile:


An awful lot of conspiracy theorists hanging out on this thread. By the way, I use the 8000 in standalone mode regularly and in no way find it “useless”, in fact quite the opposite.


Hi Keith

An inaccurate observation and not within the conduct guidelines we’d hope for from members here. Please do refrain from casting accusations on a public Forum like this. If you have any concerns that your interpretations are valid, you have my personal email address and contact number, so let’s discuss offline.

In addition, you say “I already have the MCX8000 and it’s pretty useless in standalone mode right now due to the limitations of Prime”. - considering the latest hardware firmware updates and software improvements into Engine Prime, please advise what ‘limitations’ you feel are present and why you feel the product is " pretty useless"? - we are listening and will respond.




Hi Paul,

The MCX firmware now works well however my issues are with Engine Prime itself.

BPM analysis is not accurate, beatgridding is not accurate, Prime will now not install updates on my PC (reported but not responded to) and also in the past I have had database corruption having to rebuild the entire Prime database from scratch again which took a whole day.

It shouldn’t be so much hassle just to get something to work properly.


Hello @paul_denondj Paul

The issue is, that we, as customers who have spent more than $6K, actually feel overheard / ignored, since anything is rarely responded to.

You have even said that you want to publish frequent updates, but nothing happens.

It is only when there is problems like this, that you just get into the debate and say that things do not happen overnight, but that we are not forgotten - and then we do not hear anything again for the next long period.

We are all well aware that things dont happen from one day to the next, but it is still us who are the best ambassadors for your products as we have paid for it. It is we who either recommend Denon products or suggest our dj friends to look in another direction.

I myself am a huge advocate of your products. (Believe it or not - I come in peace)

But we simply still lack more frequent bug fixes / updates, so we feel that something actually happens.

You will be overrun by comments when you launch the major updates.

Keep them coming in a steady flow a little more often, and make them smaller.

Fix one thing, launch … Fix a new thing, launch … so we can actually make positive feedback and contribute as the ambassadors we actually are.

And when our dj friends asks about the update-rate etc, we can say that Denon provides a steady service at this point as well.

Best regards Kim


Funny enough I’m not upset at the state of development, just a bit dissappointed.

The hardware price is right Hardware warranty fixes are top class

improving Engine prime should be top priority.


sat here with money for a prime m setup (with new firmware), at this rate this money will be going on the cdj2000 nexus mk3…


Thank you Denon for responding! I’m glad we’re being heard.

I will be patient and wait until Prime 4 release to see what’s in store for us.

In the mean time I will be enjoying my SC5000s. They truly are remarkable! With a few tweaks they will be the perfect players.



So…you are saying that you will not buy the Prime setup because a firmware update that you have at least been told about and know is coming is not out yet and instead you are going to save that money and buy the so called cdj2k mk3 which doesn’t even exist?

Makes a lot of sense. Good luck!

Your post sums up this entire thread IMO.


I hear the xcdj2000mk3 has an embedded quantum computer installed inside of it - but even the developers can’t comment on its current state.


Well, it’s in a ‘quantom’ state!


I observe what you did/didn’t do there.


Please try and get the higher-ups to approve fixing the jog bend, particularly the forward direction on the non-M and both directions on the M with motor off. The current sensitivity is embarrassingly high on both models (apart from the non-M’s rear direction) when I finally convince people to jump on these, and this old Denon method of the forward direction being twice as sensitive as the rearward’s you’ve brought in on the non-M’s just got to go. I know it’s not your coders calling the shots here, but you’ve gotta have some pull with management that I assume is being resistant, right? This seems like one of the easiest things to fix that needs the least testing after it’s implimented, meaning it should be possible to get this out on the next firmware, yes?


Hey mate it’s really just a firmware problem ? It’s not mechanical or hardware?


Just to clarify a bit. I think there are expectations of updates and things being added to our Prime setups due to those things being promised and talked about in multiple videos by Denon themselves. Speaking for myself that’s where it came from with me. I kinda felt like I was buying into something cutting edge that would be updated and kept feeling that way. It hasn’t. But. Saying that.

The system is solid for me minus the weird tempo change when starting a layered track on the same device which I’ve mentioned here.

And of course the Engine Prime software itself. Which has been addressed with a dedicated team now so hopefully things are coming there.

So I’m going back into quiet mode and hopefully things happen and if they don’t, it is what it is.


The jog is a mechanical component that registers data and goes through software. Sensitivity to movement is a software thing and can be mediated with simple divisors or multipliers… it almost certainly already is being mediated that way.


I’m with you on this brother - I bought them and loved them out of the box, they are better than anything I’ve ever had my hands on. Can they be improved, of course they can, but it doesn’t impact on what a great piece of kit they are.

I get the BPM thing, I’m not a hip hop/open format DJ so it doesn’t affect me. High end roll off, I’m 42, my ears don’t hear it. The effects are ripe for improving, but I can mix for hours without using them and it doesn’t impact on my experience, or that of the punters listening to me.

I certainly wouldn’t swap them for CDJs…


I hope I get to enjoy it the same way as you are soon.

Its just the BPM thing left for me even as an open format DJ.


I do hope higher management is already aware of this, it would be a shame if higher management has to be made aware by its employees what the customer experience is……

We are not expecting an overnight firmware update, 1 update every 2-4 months, specially with firmware/software that is build from scratch, would be appreciated.

In my opinion this would be a valid statement if there would be more regular updates, in this case we are waiting for months for an update. I don’t think it is fair to say, just have a bit more patience…