Firmware update thoughts


Very discouraging…I feel like there so many issues with Engine and the players that it’s hard for me to Trade my current Rane system for this even though i wanted to


I came here to say exactly what the OP said. It’s concerning that months are going by without even small patches being deployed.

It’s a common misconception that ‘taking the time to do a big release’ is what great companies do - the longer you leave it, the bigger the gap, the more changes included in the patch and the more potential to go wrong.

efficiency in being able to get patches out to customers quickly and often is important. However, i imagine that they are just ignoring everything else while they focus on the prime4, which is very disappointing to those of us who have invested in existing prime kit.


more than likely, yes. i doubt they doubled their development team just for the one product. I cant help but feel bitter about that, because we are essentially ignored in the meantime.


My first post.

Been reading this forum for a few months now after buying 2 SC5000 and X1800 when the price dropped. This thread compelled me to create an account and join in on the discussion. Hopefully if enough of us join in and comment, Denon will respond.

So please Denon, give us an update, even if it goes something like “we’re working on it but our resources are tied up with the Prime 4 release” At least throw us small bone.

My personal wish list:

  1. As everyone already mentioned, improve Engine Prime (This is the key for success of these products)
  2. Improve the high end frequency roll off. My ears are overly sensitive to this.
  3. Bring back the higher resolution for speed adjustment. .05 is not enough, at least In the lower % range. So far I’m forced to use sync unless I want to dick around with constantly adjusting wondering speeds of tracks.

Thanks for reading


If the prime 4 and the rest of the prime models were all very very different machines then I would maybe join in with the scaremongering about “oh woe is us : all of denon is only looking at writing firmware for prime 4 - instead of writing firmware for SC5000 - and instead of updating to Engine Prime


They’re all the same group , the prime group of models , firmware and engine prime. So, except for the difference of the 5000m having a motor and the single issue the m has with the motor picking up speed when cueing in headphones, it’s probably safe to think that whatever prime things denon are working on will benefit all of the prime models

(when they’re not being distracted by “please respond , it’s been 18 people asking in 10 hours blah” posts).


Denon have a poor record of updating their devices, and poor communication.

Is it wrong for users who have paid thousands of dollars in some cases for equipment that doesn’t function as it should (and despite previous promises that haven’t been fulfilled) to ask for information?


And poorer record of bad guesses and gossip from people wrongly saying Denon will forget us, denon will never do this or that.

People said all that garbage about the 8000 and then, like a Fourth of July rocket BOOM !!! Out came new bloody excellent firmware and engine prime got revised to give 8000s some of the prime workflow for pre prep.

It would be lovely if firmware took a day to complete and every function from every piece of other hardware and software programmes could be written into prime in that day.

Denon are going along the best path . Some people want to do the journey in a Bugatti veyron at 250mph with in-journey narrative comments and hand holding every few minutes and that’s not denons fault.


Amen!! Completely agree.


No doubt if you purchased a Bugatti Veyron (even a heavily discounted one) but then had to garage it for a few weeks/months/etc. because Bugatti via their over worked customer support staff, was like: “the mechanic that can fix your car is on his way…soon. just wait. we promise the mechanic is on his way…and in fact we hired more mechanics so you can be assured that you will be driving your paradigm-shifting, revolutionary new vehicle very soon”, you would exhibit equal patience.

Actually, I applaud you…on a related note, since you’re a car lover, want to buy a slightly used Delorean? My grandfather bought it when it came out but DeLorean Motor Company had been working on some small fixes for it but tragically my grandfather never got to drive it because due to a freak accident called ‘old age’ he died many years later in his bed still clutching a photo of his beloved delorean. Normally it sells for 180K (its a flagship delorean) but you can have it for 99K (though if I give it to you for that price you have to implicitly promise not to complain if the delorean mechanic I send over it s a little late…)


All nice, but was your DenonDJ device not working or was it completely broken?

Better comparison is that your Bugatti is still only driving at max 150mph and the mechanics are trying to get it to 250mph, albeit they take their time… But for now you sold your Bugatti and bought yourself a Chevrolet. You’ll have a nice drive of course!


Matt’s on fire! : ) Dude good luck with your new kit btw!


I’m sorry. You can’t build a stand-alone setup and not provide a more stable and efficient platform on which to prepare that content with. And all the while promising updates to a platform that was according to Denon, built to be updated. People are frustrated and whether they spent 3 or 6k, it’s a lot of money to most of us. And something to be pointed out, most of us would just like some solid info on any of it.

Denon has this forum, just say ‘hey guys, this is what’s going on and what we’re working on’. I promise that stuff goes a LONG way! We bought the gear and into the dream, so we’re listening. Just talk to us.


The bits and bobs of it all is, denon deliver.

The question isn’t “will they?” It’s “when?”

Too soon, and denon won’t have had adequate time to include much and, as has happened before, the update comes out, and people just shrug and say “nothing for me here, that was poimtless, when’s the next one?” Or “that was insignificant, denon don’t listen to me”

Too soon and there’s also the risk that whatever is included in the update won’t have had testing in every possible permutation.

Too late and some people will start shame campaigns, counting the days, and spawning all sorts of empty fears about never, never.

But everyone has their own scale of too soon or too late. Does the scale change with cost of the equipment? If so, that should mean that people with a €1500 Prime 4 would have 4 times as much patience scale than people with a €6000

But then Engine Prime is for all the Prime series so what happens to the scale then, especially as Engine prime is zero euro €


You’re swimming up-stream here. And making excuses. As I watch another company pop out updates for its many, many controllers and software, at least once a month. None of that stuff is holding them up.

The comments here speak for themselves.

And none of it is probably helped by the fact that the people who have invested the absolute most money in all of this are feeling the most jilted. And every time we watch videos where people on screen are promising future additions/updates and changes to Prime 4 make a lot of us cringe a bit and ring hollow. I have no doubts things are coming but it’s time to just be up front and let us know what’s happening. We’re not expecting something for nothing here. Say what you will but we deserve to know.

And I want to be able to promote this system and feel good doing it.

Smaller updates. Talk to us. Big difference.


“Oh, horizontal waveforms for Prime 4 will come after the launch in a firmware update” :joy::joy::joy: And all I’m thinking when I read comments like that is: how many years will it be?

But guys (and girls): you buy the gear based on features it has NOW, not on promised ones or expected. Engine Prime is free, you could have tested it before purchasing. Why ■■■■■■ now and at who? Yourself?


Then they should I introduce technical and functional updates. We at our company use them and they keep customers very happy.

Technical include bug fixes (high end roll off would be a great example). Functional include improvements and feature enhancements.

That way you would know what to expect with each update. And give some detailed explanation… Not something like (and you read this so much) “several performance enhancements”. No give more detailed description. People then know what to expect and can give/report any issues with an update is much more detailed manner.

How do yo expect feedback if they changed hundreds of items at once. Maybe some are related…

Just my two cents.


Yes YES YES!!!

This is a huge problem now

People buy things without looking , or they look and think they’ll buy even though they want it to have a particulars feature and then keep their fingers crossed and their mousing fingers clicking for features they want added. And then it is back to them starting a blame campaign against denon until their feature appears

Buy it for what it has on day one.

If it gets anything nicer later ———> Bonus !


The high end roll-off is not a missing feature, it’s a fundamental defect that should have been fixed long before now.

Anyway, there’s no point arguing between ourselves.


Just a friendly reminder of what you can do with these decks :smiley:

Cosmic Rock! Four-Deck Remixing On Denon Prime


How long have you had your SC5000 with the high end roll off?