Firmware update thoughts


Same here. I don’t want to invest any more work into the data base before the new version is released.

In the best of cases I wouldn’t have to use Engine Prime anymore and could do everything on the players (which I thought would work when buying them).


I’ve been very quiet lately about all of this because I’m also in the same boat. But there it is


I had another bug rear its ugly head last night while playing. When loading a track it loads and cues at the end of the track instead of the beginning. This is the third time I’ve seen this and can’t figure out how to reenact it. It seems random.


Thats a setting track start at beginning or at cue. Not logic but its a setting. I always cue up my songs also before loading the next one.


When a track was played and still sits at the end I tend to press cue to go back. However that location will become the first cue then.

Perhaps the same happens to you?


I use the setting load to cue, there’s no cue at the end of a track but it loads the track at the end. It’s a bug.


I know it feels like a bug, just like for example hoe forward loopmove works. But what reese said. It sits at the end of a track as if its a cue.


So you’re saying if I let a track play to the end, the sc5000 sees that as a cue point without me setting it as a cue?


Yes, thats exactly what were saying. Try to loopmove forward. And then backwards.


That sounds like a bug to me or at least something I should be able to change with a preference, Sorry, I don’t want to derail the topic. Back to firmware update thoughts.


Don’t know if that happens. It’s my fault to accidentally press cue. However when loading another track, that last track change (me pressing cue) is saved and returns when I play that track at another time. Then it will load at the end (and the 1 beat is there and all beats before are - minus)

I think it doesn’t happen automatically.


In my experience it does exactly that.


The other day I finally just said “whatever” and took the money I’d earmarked for a second sc5000 player and a x1800, and ordered two Pioneer xdj-1000mk2s.

I thought I’d feel sad but all I could muster was some low level regret: “gee, maybe I shouldn’t have sold my CDJ-2000nxs2s, bought a sc5000 and then publicly (at least via my small social media circle) stated Pioneer DJ was the past, Denon DJ was the FUTURE while convincing at least two people to choose an sc5000 over a Pioneer setup, and deleting my Rekordbox database in order to be baptized in Engine Prime and begin my new life as a Denon DJ advocate/zealot and foot soldier of the dual layer revolution.” But as the man says, it’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t…right?

In hindsight, maybe I was catching Denon DJ on the rebound. Maybe I used the sc5000 and the messianic notion of a ‘pending firmware upgrade’ as a way to forget about the pain and loss of what was, to be honest, my first real long term, fully committed relationship with an experienced, worldy, and ultimately, damaged entity who maybe I thought would change…but Pioneer DJ is what it is. I accept that now. (oh Pulse, how I weirdly miss you most of all…jk I’m glad I threw your ‘help’ out that window.)

Ayway, since this forum has - by no fault of its users - turned into more of a support group, I thought I would share the above. Don’t worry about me though - this is all a super good thing.

This might be TMI but the sc5000 and I finally talked and we are both comfortable entering into a ‘friends with benefits’ type of relationship (we have rules of curse: I don’t say I love you and the sc5000 promises to respect my needs and is comfortable with dalliances outside the Prime Ecosystem. (Also let’s be honest, the sc5000 knows the score…the Prime 4 just does more so my limited companionship is better than nothing.) i Maybe I’m just more modern - dare I say ‘polyplayer’ curious? - than I realized? Either way, I feel happier than I have in a long time. In a few days me, the sc5000 (now focused as a dedicated two layer ‘looper’ machine), two unremarkable yet very sensible xdj-1000m2s, my tried and true djm-900nxs2 mixer, and a midi controller I found online will all be getting to know each other. I know it won’t all be clear sailing, but real life…or should I say real Love, never is. Thanks for listening guys - I just know it will work out for each and everyone of you too. -matt

ps. Does anyone have experience asking a DJS-1000 to move out - we were never really formally ‘together’ but you know how that goes. For a hot 64 seconds we had a thing, but the ‘arrangement’ just never happened. (If you hear rumors of a fresh faced, totally Ableton Link accessible Akai Force spending a lot of late nights with me…mind your own business.)


I get this allot.

It seems to be when it’s a file that I’ve played before - the workaround is to press track skip left - but I agree it’s a stupid bug that wouldn’t creep in if the programmers weren’t themselves being pestered by my million new feature asks

Maybe I should give them a 6 month amnesty of promising not to send any more feature asks


But in reality things like this should be picked up in pre-release product testing … no?


Oh Matt, this is all so super deep! But intimate relationships are never easy. It is after falling in love and committing, that you really get to know each other. After some time you know of all the faults and problems and have to except those willingly to carry on. And then you’re still thinking what could have been with someone else.

I’m myself polysystemic, but am trying to get everybody to get along. That often means looking for more low-level solutions and not having the full deal. But of course there is never room for notorious troublemakers.


I don’t necessarily agree with you but very cleverly written!


Yeah, if it were a football we were talking about.

Does it hold air without leaking ? Yes?

Does it roll for a while when kicked ? Yes?

Passed !

But it’s a multi-mode equipment with hundreds of features so, it can easily be considered how not every way it could be used as per manual and used in creative ways not in the manual might not be thought of as an obvious thing to test before and after an update


I’m not going to fork out for a set of these primes until some of the issues mentioned in this thread are addressed.


80 comments (81 with this) and not one single respons from Denon… :pensive: