Firmware update thoughts


Next time bro…i will take you up on the offer :sunglasses:

Anyways its March 2019…hopefully we get a proper update to fix/improve/deliver some of the widely reported issues/limitations/promises.


Yeah, since it’s the same system used in all of previous Denon mixers I’m gonna call ■■■■■■■■ on this. Seems you’re either not familiar with it and/or you tried to use it with Pioneers RMX.

Also, signing +1 on majority of things said by everybody else, especially @kradcliffe


bevor denon i used a Xone:92 with a BOSS:RV5 and a BOSS:TE2. This a really nice analog effects instead of a crapy Pioneer RMX and it worked quite well


Umm…both pedals are digital btw. But sure…it has to be the mixer’s problem and not the user’s…


That’s a good point. Maybe not 100% from official sources, but I remember having seen some videos by Laidback Luke and DJ Tech tools (which I believe are a bit of promoters of the Prime and maybe not 100% independent) where they mentioned customers could expect new FXs as firmware upgrades. I think the Hall reverb was not in the first release or they at least upgraded it, but other than that we have not seen anything in that regard for two years. I would not mind if we already had a good long tail delay FX, but we don’t.


The way I see it right now is that if the Prime 4 is released and Prime itself is still in the same state that will have a negative impact. also if the initial Prime 4 firmware is buggy on release that will also be bad for Denon going forward. Could be Denon DJ’s last throw of the dice after the whole MCX8000 saga.

I know I’ve stated this previosly but who do Denon use for product focus and testing. Would it not be to their advantage to send review units out to regular members here who care about the brand for honest feedback and testing in different scenarios?


Maybe thats why release of prime4 and hopefully our updates are delayed with five weeks? Would be march 6 at baxshop but now it says april 16.


@kradcliffe sign me up as beta tester… :grin:

I was also part of the traktor beta testers for NI. Ah the good old days :smile:


Would love to be a betatester 2… :slightly_smiling_face:


Be nice if someone from Denon could read through the comments on this thread and reply to questions.


Indeed. I hoped someone from denon would at least give us some feedback… We can only hope…


@Sydes… Best way to make sure they react, is to tag one of them.


A few posts on the forum are reporting that the P4 date is now April.

Are SC5000/X1800 owners been held to ransom due to this?

Couldnt care less if they responded or nah.

Just need them to update the software.

What if they released Engine Prime 1.3.x and the only thing added is support for the P4 & a few extra stuff no one asked for? :thinking:

Hopefully thats not the case.


We got told last year to not aks for updates, even when last release is buggy, it will be fixed with a next update. No patches, no bugfix. Just wait out till the next update. We are in fact all paying beta testers. It seems like its all marketing. Sad. Up on release things looked so promising, but now two years further, i dont know what to make of it. OP said it before, we are not taken seriously. Or they just cant.


Well, believe me, it’s been taken seriously. However the update interval or speed could indeed be better.


Thanks Reese. I know you are connected so its assuring to here from you. And forgive me my frustration but since the progression of updates is declining, its really hard to keep good faith for the future. For EP and firmwares. I understand it’s policy and i understand resources are tight. But i changed my rider. Pio’s and traktor got their own cons for me, ao i will stick with my prime setup. But for example the whole prepping is still not adressed. I dont know what to say bout it anymore, but it is not transparent or trustbuilding.


That was my initial purpose … That the userbase is taken seriously by denon. Let’s wait and see what the next weeks and future brings…


Like always (almost :wink:) you are right, @Reese. Could’nt you try and pull some of these strings we all know you have, and maybe…make them realize that it could be improved.

I know you cant, but its just wishfull thinking :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s most frustrating for me is that I’m holding off on any more track analysis and crate curation until the next update hoping it will fix some of the most basic database functionality. This, essentially, places me in limbo while I wait. Now it seems the forthcoming update is being held back to coincide with the delayed release of the Prime 4. After being screwed by the lack of support on my X1700, I’m a little worried that the same may be occurring with the first gen Prime products.


That maybe so, but before Prime it wasn’t InMusic.