Firmware update thoughts


“change your rider” but let’s be honest, since the release of prime in Paris , NO CLUB has changed or bought Denon gears… The basic is still missing and it’s not normal when you release a concurrent of pioneer still have sound issues and build quality problems


Every time a club in Denmark has a dj competition, I would have to ‘downgrade’ my performance / show, cause I’m not allowed to bring own gear… So I have to play on Pioneer if I want to participate. They want the djs to use the in-house equipment.

And you are right, at least in DK, NO club have changed their rider.

$6K on equipment might seem as pennies from a club point of view, but its the single consumers, mobile djs thats actually are supporting this product. And for me, $6K is a bit more than pennies.

But as stated earlier… I love these machines.

Right Now its just like a Deja-vu… Had the MCX8000… Denon developed the SC5000/X-1800 and the MCX8000 users felt neglected waiting for updates… Now the SC5000/X-1800 users feels neglected, because Denon has focus on the Prime 4 development. Not saying that they dont have focus on updates to the SC5000/X-1800, they absolutely do, but it just brings back the same sad feeling.

At least they are functional…and awesome.


We are only hearing the feelings and comments of a few people here… what about all you other sc5000 and x1800 users out there?

Maybe if you also express yourselves in this topic Denon will see that this is not just about some individuals… but is a general feeling amongst us users.

So leave a small comment or like these posts…


It’s the same ecosystem, so no worries there for me.

The “change your rider” outing was nice, but not that strong. Normal DJ’s don’t have the luxury of a “rider” anyway and choose Pio’s that are affordable. The focus of the first Primes were the over the top DJ’s and the crazy ones like us. :wink:

2 years ago I already mentioned that, if Prime would like to succeed, there needs to be a cheaper/downsized device. That certainly took time and now there is.

So, going forward, they can build some extra userbase (finally) and perhaps link MPC stuff to it also.


I just really hope Denon get the next update right. If not, I’ll count down the days for the next player from the competition. You can already see where things are going with their latest controller.


I’d love to see more frequent smaller firmware updates of the critical aspects that need addressing and constant updates of the Engine Prime software which is STILL buggy as hell. Engine has been around in some form for 10ish years now and it’s shameful that it’s still in such an abysmal state.


Can someone explain me why and how the developers can release a software with so many problems and so many major feature missing ? don’t understand that… ? it’s easy to look the competition and correct mistakes, it’s not like we are in 2005


I think it boils down to management. If you have too small a budget, too few people, unrealistic deadlines and basically ask for the impossible - you will get something with bugs and missing features all over it.


Yes but we talking about Inmusic … Pioneer is everywhere and i don’t know the objective for Denon for long terms, i saw a picture in Blitz Club with one of the most awesome sound system but it’s make me sad because i know it’s just sponsored and no DJ use the SC5000/X1800 it’s publicity


To attack the market leader with an unfinished product is beyond belief. How could they ever expect to succeed / get away with that? Clearly mismanagement in my opinion.

I know, this generation of prime gear might not ever make it to the club.


Yeah but let’s think the new generation of Pioneer CDJ are coming soon maybe next years CDJ 2000 Nexus 3 and with this, the SC5000/X1800 becomes obsolete just because Engine prime are not good and lot of thing are missing, not to mention that the CDJ are indestructible and nobody can contradict that ! Cue and play broke ? you can buy the parts for only few dollars and not some 200 dollars replacement buttons :roll_eyes:


I’m not a fan of that marketing slogan. ‘Lose the rider’ or ‘freedom from a rider’ makes a lot more sense. Be independent of the gear put in front of you. That’s really the core of what Denon DJ is doing with Prime, anyway. Show up with any playlist & meta data or no playlist at all, and you’ll be fine. Now, I don’t think the training wheels cheat stuff should be there all the time and clubs should have the option of turning that stuff off, but the inclusiveness and lack or requiring pre-analysis is a good start.

That made me laugh. Now, pretty easy to repair and usually cheap parts, sure.


and now is think about while this thread is hot enough, to let Denon make a opinion for this here … ?

just to get answers for here to clear something out, so denon: be professional and write. thanks.


Is it a resource issue? Same team behind Rane, Numark and DenonDJ?

Or perhaps many users dont have any issues? All the DnB guys they keep plugging on Facebook :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps as long as Laidback Luke is happy the rest do not matter? :money_mouth_face:

My thoughts…i could be wrong.

Even if they fix all the bugs, these players bring nothin other than being cheaper now. BTW i bought mine at the original value.

Will i recommend them to any bar or club for install …nope.

Fun fact MCX8000 users have now ended up with EP which has a poorer bpm algorithm than Engine 1.5


I would at any time still suggest the SC5000 / X-1800 setup if asked.

However, I would say that clubs that have a fixed music profile, which we have several places in DK, should take a closer look at the P4, as here they can ensure that the internal HD has the numbers that fit this music profile. And then the different djs can also supplement with their own usb’s.

Unfortunately, the resale value is absolutely in the bottom when it comes to the SC5000 / X-1800 set-up. And the same goes for MCX8000 … Sadly, Denon has some big problems to deal with in terms of credibility, both at dealers and potential customers.


it’s the same for me. i’m struggling with the solution of beatgrids an stuff. Also the most annoying thing is the crapy SND/RTN functionality and other effect probs like a GOOD reverb or a tail on the ‘Sweep FX’.

My opinion is getting back to a Xone:96/92 and 2 or 3 Pioneer XDJ1000MK2…

Sad sad story


I have had Denon gear since the mid nineties. Started off with DN-2000F, DN-2600F, DN-M2300R and they were all the highest of quality.

Even the MC6000 I got when they came out has been great apart from the switches (but we all know about that already).

I don’t really know what’s gone wrong lately, but as suggested above it seems on the outside to be a resource issue with the Air team being split across many products and brands.

Again, the Denon hardware is great (mostly) but the programming of firmware and software is well below par. I am a bit of a tech freak and spend a lot of money on gear, and from my personal perspective both the Sc units firmware and especially Prime are both very much beta.

I’m happy with my MCX8000 running VirtualDJ (certainly not with standalone) but I would struggle to promote Denon gear as it stands to anyone at present.

It’s all very well for Paul or others to come along now and again to calm a thread down with promises, but unless they are followed up with actions then it seems false and that’s where we are at. Something is wrong at In-Music and Denon that needs seriously addressed to meet customer expectations.


ahahahah same thing for politics :innocent: I really love Denon DJ and i want they success because i’m sick of overpriced CDJ but imagine if a customer read this thread, why would I buy the SC5000 with inconsistent jog wheel, high end roll off, 0.05% pitch quality, no repair parts available, cue & play not the best quality so far, no search for comment, Engine Prime much lower than Rekodbox… I do not know if I work for Denon I put the emergency on the table because everybody now still 98% of DJ still buy the XDJ & CDJ !

I would be curious to know sales since 2017


I was in Copenhagen last weekend. Lovely city. Happened to visit 4 clubs/bars.

The only venue i didnt see a complete Pioneer set up was At Dolores (i think thats the name)…the DJ set up was Rane MP2015, Technics TT and Pioneer CDJs…

Perhaps they could have outsourced the software and/or firmware bit.

Eg if they had partnered with Serato and serato dj adds an export to USB option.

Or even a Engine Prime skin of Serato DJ.

Cross designed earlier versions of Rekordbox i believe.


Ohh Mufasa… You should have told me you were coming to Copenhagen - I would have shown you around :slight_smile: