Firmware update MCX800

Hello everyone,

Since a week I can call myself a proud owner of the MCX800. And hope to have a lot of fun with this machine.

I bought the MCX new and it still has the old firmware. I have updated this correctly. Only I don’t get into the menu via the engine itself: Title - bpm and key.

The USB or drive starts directly in the folder with music.

Did the update go wrong somewhere?

USB - FAT32 formatted and put update directly in the folder. Followed the steps according to the explanation.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe a language thing but I can’t understand what you are actually asking here …

You need to analyse all your tunes with Engine Prime (with mcx8000 compatibility mode = on) on a desktop/laptop pc first

Then “export” all your tunes in a crate to whatever Usb drive you’re going to be using with the mcx8000.

Then you’ll see all the analysis data

Hallo Kradcliffe,

The update has been installed correctly.

The youtube videos can be accessed via the engine in folders such as BPM - TITLE and KEY.

Ok via the shift and load key a quick access to the library.

Unfortunately this does not work.

The question is whether the update has been done properly.

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

If the updated successfully completed then it is installed properly. You can look at the current firmware version in the settings menu.

As stated above you need to add the tracks via Engine Prime and then export in MCX8000 compatibility mode.

Read the Engine Prime manual.

Check check it works now very wel.


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