Firmware update Issues

Hi all; I am trying to update the Prime 4 via USB, and when I download the appropriate file, and run it, it tells me that Prime4-1.3.2-Update.img ---- image not recognized. Has anyone else get this error. I am currently on a MAC. Thanks

If I was you, I’d plug your P4 into your Mac directly and use the Mac Updater Application that’s also on the page in the P4 section. WAY too easy then :wink:

You have to use an app like Disk Utility to copy that .img file to a USB but if you can plug the P4 in directly to your Mac and use the aforementioned app, then do so, it’s way easier than all the messing around with a USB Drive.

Hope that helps.

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Try to download the firmware again

Make sure you have unzipped the file. The *.img must be located in the root of the USB stick. (you don’t need any Disk utility)

If you still have issues, download the MAC updater.

Unzip and launch the application. Use the supplied blue cable and follow the on-screen instructions.

When updating via USB please make sure there are no other .IMG files in there

Keep us posted on how you get on

Actually there were no files on either the USB nor sdcard which both are exFAT. Seems no matter where I put the .img file it didn’t extract. I ended up doing what was recommended by plugging the laptop directly to the unit which then worked. Thanks for all your help.

NO problem and glad it’s working.

Please see here for the full install instructions:

Listen to Tobes. Option 1 for Prime 4 update doesn’t not work. Use Option 2, that works. I was sweating BIG TIME when my firmware update stalled on Option 1. But I am good now thanks to Tobes.

OPTION 2 - Prime 4 “Firmware update” This is an app downloaded to your computer that will update PRIME 4 via the blue USB cable provided. • Go to and navigate to STAND ALONE DJ SYSTEMS > PRIME 4 • Download the FIRMWARE UPDATE file for either MAC or WINDOWS • Download and unzip PRIME 4 update file • Connect PRIME 4 to your computer via the blue USB cable provided and switch on • Unzip the Updater file and run the application • Follow the onscreen prompts to update • Once complete, power cycle PRIME 4 before use.

hey friends I need your help update my denon with USB since I thought it was a simple method all right until then it came out on the screen that I do not update the mixer so I have a big problem since I can not go to the menu I can not use any button and I already tried with pc and the same thing I can do in this case

Hi @Ghetito, have you followed these instructions:

Thanks J

thanks but look friend I already did everything I could and nothing I can not enter the menu mode because the mixer could not be updated is to have a ps4 but without control no button is useful

Pudiste solucionar el problema ? estoy en las mismas.