Firmware update inquiry

Which USB port on player should be used to connect to computer to update firmware?

That’ll be the large/tall blue USB3 B port on the rear of the player.

Denon Staff, still no E.T.A. available?


@paul_denondj said that it would be a great June for us who are waiting for the update, so nothing else to do than wait… But with this pace it might be July that is getting good instead cause half of the month is practically gone now. And I hope they will do their launch at the beginning of a week so we can do the updates and getting to know the changes before a weekend.

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@Gee_DenonDJ: are we still en route for a good June? :slight_smile:

We are indeed en route for a good June :slight_smile:


surprise surprise … :blush:

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Do you get news about the update

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