Firmware update error: Peripherals did not come online during boot - PRIME4 Left Display (00:34)

Al actualizar a la versión de firmware 1.5.2 aparece el mensaje de error: “Peripherals did not come online during boot - PRIME4 Left Display (00:34)” y la pantalla muestra dos opciones “UPDATE FW” e “IGNORE”. Puedes elegir la opción que desees, pero la actualización se detiene y la controladora no funciona correctamente, por lo que hemos tenido que volver a la versión de firmware 1.4.1

Abrimos una incidencia en Denon Support hace tres días, pero no nos han contestado. ¿Puede alguien ayudarnos? ¡Gracias!

Hey @And1,

Did rolling back to the previous Firmware edition fix the issue? The same thing happened to me and I had to contact the Denon dealer that I bought it from to get a replacement unit. The screen inside my left-hand jogwheel stopped working.

It’s worrying why this “peripherals did not come online” message appears for users.

It seems to appear a lot during or after firmware updates. There also seems to be some people who don’t succeed in getting past the “peripherals” message even after a rollback and reload of firmware. Then a return is needed?

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Hi @illywacker. Yes, the rolling back to previous firmware version (1.4.1) worked fine, but that’s a workaround, so isn’t the best solution. I purchased prime 4 because found interesting the updating possibilities, looking at future. That’s the main characteristic that makes the big difference with Pioneer products.

In 1.4.1 the left jogwheel screen works fine, but hope someone from Denon DJ could help, because want to have the upgrade possibilities too.

Thanks for your reply!


Ah, at least you managed to get it functional after rolling back to the previous firmware! That’s a positive at least. Hopefully, someone from Denon gets in touch with you soon so you can figure out what to do next!

I agree with you, Denon’s potential and advanced features are what convinced me to sell my Pioneer DJ setup! I love my Prime 4. However, I am a little nervous to update the firmware again because I keep seeing people complaining about issues when upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5. - I’m going to attempt updating to the next firmware next week and see what happens!

Hope you get your issue sorted!


I got the “peripherals did not come online” message, but I didn’t get it due to updating the firmware, I just turned on my Prime 4 one day and it popped up with that message.

Denon replaced the unit for me, so I can’t really complain! More than happy with the service to deal with the faulty unit, hopefully, I don’t encounter any more issues :slight_smile:

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It’s good that you got a new unit out of it, or maybe it’s a re-cleaned refurbished unit. But at least you know it’s all be checked and tested by denon themselves rather than an interim repair shack

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Yeah, I was sent a refurbished unit I believe which was supposedly tested before being shipped back to me! So far it’s been perfect! Fingers crossed it stays that way!


Hi @illywhacker, @Nitebeatz,

Thanks for your words. Still nobody from Denon answer me.

Is good to know that Denon is providind a replacement if needed. It doesn’t matter if it’s refurbished deck, if it works fine and it doesn’t have any exterior damage is a good solution.

Don’t suffer when updating. If the deck is properly tested, will work fine.

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