Firmware update Do I really need too.

I just purchase the SC5000 about a month ago no problem as of yet. It’s telling me that there is a new firmware update. My question is do I really need to update if I’m not having a problem.Don;t want to start having Problem.

The short answer is yes. The medium answer is yes too… especially at this time where the databases have changed and will be changing again soon.

If you have more than one SC5000, or an SC5000 and an X1800 mixer, it’s vital to keep all the firmwares up on the latest versions together.

Keeping your equipment updated also helps us help you if you have a problem, because one of the first things we usually ask is “What version are you running?”. It helps make any trouble shooting easier for all those involved if everyone is up to date and using the same version number.

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No problem I just bought another SC5000 and will be sure to update that one as well.