Firmware request for X1800

Ok, this is a tiny one but may as well throw it out there. Anyone else find the white FX leds to be rather blinding?! lol Maybe let us change the brightness levels on those puppies especially when you have all four lit up! They provide a nice uplight for sure but I digress. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You mean on a X1800…? Wrong topic group :wink:

But yeah could be toned down.

YES! Sorry! But yes! On the X1800! :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel the same way about the intense, blinding and overpowering sheer Sun-like brightness of the fx LEDs - because I is a wimp


Already flagged it for change/move

Thank you and again, sorry!

Changed the topic for you :wink: I believe that is just the power of LED’s in 2019. I’m sure if we toned them down people would complain they’re not bright enough!

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Just the white ones though! Haha. They are way brighter (or maybe if we could just change from the white color? That would probably help. All other backlights are fine. :slight_smile:

Yes. It would be the hoards of those who do outdoor daytime events who would be first to complain that the LEDs aren’t bright enough

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If technically possible, a menu option couldn’t hurt!

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I had the same experience and thought. I have not taken my gear out for use as I am still playing around with them at home but I can tell you that i put the selector to MIC just so all the lights are off…Way too bright for me also. A dimming option would be awesome but i wonder if that would have required a dimmer or just voltage control could accomplish this through an upgrade/fw update. Not the biggest deal to put up with though :slight_smile: If I fine it too annoying in a couple of months, i will tint them :wink:


There. Dimning option available


LOL. Perfect!

LOL ~ good one!