Firmware release date

Happy new year folks! Does anyone have any idea on when the new firmware for SC6000 is going to be released and any info what to expect in terms of fixes and new features?

I am pretty sure this is interesting for many of us.

Best, Evan

Denon Dj officials will announce when it’s ready. No features leaks are available so far.

Maybe this year, now we’re in 2021.

The old posts here show denon won’t say a shadow of a hint about what’s coming, or when for firmware until moment they download kink is made available. That could be tomorrow, or it could be months away - with the latter more likely. Probably a few fixes with a few new features.

Well I have to disagree. since a public beta has been released there is in my eyes a pretty good indication of what to expect of the stable version… of course with great reservations, like stated in those release notes

So obviously these are not the final release notes, but I think it does give an idea of the intentions