Firmware or Engine Prime update for Thanksgiving..Please

It would be oh so nice if Denon would throw us a bone and either release a Firmware update to allow BPM changes on the hardware or release an EP update that does MUCH better BPM and beat gridding.

This would be an ideal time to at least put out a Beta so other than watching Football, we have time to test out and reply over the holiday.

I know wishful thinking but a highly anticipated request.

The non elastic beat grids are killing some mixes with perfectly good files.

The waveform issue is started to creep in to some files for some reason all of a sudden.
I have played these files previously and did not notice that the waveform would either be ahead or behind the actual sound. Not a huge problem as I usually mix by ear as a habit but does take away from effects,etc.


I asked the same only I asked for before Christmas.


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Yes yes yes :shushing_face:

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Been having quite a few tracks with the waveform issue (running ahead of the audio). Re-analyzing it sorts the problem out. I want to know what caused the issue to start with as all my tracks (my entire collection) were analysed in EP first. How am I supposed to know which tracks are problematic? I don’t, I only find this out when I load one that has this problem. Should I re-analyze my entire collection? There’s no guarantee that the same problem won’t happen again, so why bother. We need a new build of EP that is just as good as the hardware it was designed for.

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Hello, what about a new EP and DJ Prime 4 update ?

I reckon that denon won’t release firmware or software in the lead up to a public holiday or times when staff are off. The reason being that if a release goes out to general public and some weird show-stopping cranky fault is discovered by public then denon won’t be able to work at full staff speed to fix it and release that fix.

Taking into account all the holidays this month (Dec) I would be surprised to see new firmware or software until 2020