firmware mc7000 Big Sur apple MacBook Pro M1

hello can we know when the firmware updates for macbook pro M1 will take place? equipped with the new apple big sur bone thanking you for your answer

Are you referring to drivers to connect the MC7000 to your MacBook or are you referring to Serato Compatibility on the M1?

bonjour, oui effectivement je fais référence tant au pilote du mc7000 mais aussi de la compatiblilité du logiciel serato sur le macbook pro M1

It is always a REALLY good idea to wait a bit before upgrading to a new version of MacOS, in this case Big Sur. As with previous upgrades, it takes a while for (at least the DJ) world to catch up.

This time around there was another hurdle, Apple Silicon or M1 CPU’s. While things got fixed to work on Big Sur relatively quickly, it turned out that just because it worked on Big Sur, didn’t necessarily mean it works on M1 with Big Sur! And since M1 will only run Big Sur, you are pretty much up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

If you kept your old laptop when buying an M1, use that while DJ companies sort out the M1 issues. For the future, be very wary about upgrading to the next “big” MacOS upgrade. Generally speaking as a DJ you can do without most of the improvements/enhancements/new features/new cosmetics, at least for a couple of months until your DJ gear has caught up.

My 3 cents as usual.

If the mc7000 is class compliant then it will work on big sur and the M1.

If you use serato it is not officially supported but works with big sur + m1