Firmware issue

Hi, I’ve recently purchased a pair of sc5000’s and an x1800 mixer. So far I’ve had only two issues one turned out to be a firmware issue on my x1800 mixer. The mixer would turn on then click twice before shutting down and restarting. I managed to fix this by doing a factory reset and upload the latest firmware which it has uploaded 1.3. I think this was caused the night before it stopped working due to my area having a power surge and maybe my anti surge didn’t work as far I can think. Before this issue I had a problem with the cue and it not turning the master channel off in my headphones so I could cue with just the one track I was trying to cue up playing. I turned the mixer off and back on and it was back to normal. This happened before the power problem and has also happened since I did the reset. My searches haven’t given me any answers as all I find is about the fx cue being on causing bleed through yet this is not on so isn’t my problem. I wondered if anyone on here may know why it does it?

Regards Barry

Hi Barry,

If it is new I would take it back to the Dealer and let them sort out the issue.

Page 17 of the X1800 User guide: Cue Solo mode