Firmware Final?

Hello to all the team of Denon Dj!

I wanted to know when are we going to have a no-beta firmware, with the advantage of using Serato Dj which is available in firmware version 1.3.3 and the other functions of version 1.4 beta which includes the calibration of jogwheels, tidal and probably souncloud in a future very soon and others …

Thank you in advance !!! France

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You will never receive an answer to questions about release dates. The answer will be that it comes when it is ready and properly tested and that it is confidential information that is not published in advance.

Hope this helps

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Don’t you think that in order for there to be soundcloud integration it would have to go through a beta test phase first? Asking for a non-beta firmware with new features makes absolutely no sense.

It’s long, long but where is the final version announced for the summer ??? the primptemps ends and winter is approaching very very big step of our doors, will we have a version beta 3 before the end of the year or the final version ???

I know that some are testing a beta version 3. Sadly it’s not a public beta, so it’s not available to all. Only specific beta testers.

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I don’t think everyone that signed gets chosen each time. I could be wrong though. All I know is someone mentioned it thinking that it was a public beta. When he realised it wasn’t he didn’t say anything more.

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