Firmware Doesn't Match When Using SC6k with SC5k!

Finally got two gorgeous SC6k players this past Friday. Updated them to the latest SC6k version(1.53). When networking those SC6k’s with two SC5k(firmware 1.52) I get an “incompatibility” message. Well duh…1.53 on the SC6k versus 1.52 on the SC5k. SURELY in the bowels of Denon headquarters, someone mentioned that the end-user MIGHT mix and match playersSC6k/SC5k…

Can I go backwards on the SC6k firmware to 1.52? If so, where is the link to 1.52 for an SC6k? Thanks for any insight community.

1.5.3 was supposed to fix jog wheel issues on the SC6000. If You go back, possibly there could be problems with the jog wheel. Test, if it will work for You, it’s ok, to go back.

Ignore the message. Mismatch should only be reported if, for instance, 1.5 and 1.6 are active in the same network.

so if the 5000 doesn’t get updates anymore at some point, you can’t update the 6000 anymore either if you wanna use them together?

You can use them together, just ignore the message. This is for information, that there is differences in the softwares across the network, and it can be causing some issues, but if the softwares are OK, all will work fine.

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