Firmware 1.5.2 not working

Hey guys there is a new fw update 1.5.2 and I download it and it doesn’t work. It won’t let you update. the worse part is I djed on Thursday with the prime go and in the middle of my set with everyone dancing the controller froze and didn’t want to do anything. then when it finally came back I got a message that there is an update of 1.5.2 and it will not work. 2nd on sat I died again but this time with my prime 4 and guess what the whole unite was frozen and I had the place packed and jumping going crazy and the music stops. so I turned it off via the power button and it would not turn off I unplugged it and it stayed on for like 15-20 seconds then turned off. when I got it back on I got the same message "There is an update 1.5.2 but yet again it doesn’t work. what gives denon? are you looking into this issue???

Download the update from the Denon DJ website, then copy it to a clean USB stick formatted in FAT32 or exFAT. Insert it into the powered off console, then turn on the console and follow the update instructions. Updates are not automatically downloaded from the console, even if it notifies you of the update.

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