Firmware 1.4 is ready!

here it is ready for Christmas! :slight_smile: using all the new features required.


Great!!! Let’s try it tonight :slight_smile:

Jepaaa… tonight i know what to do now :wink:

Here’s the release notes.



Wish there was Tidal History somewhere… Editing tidal playlists would be insane but history is a must… Also still there is no bpm value change on the fly for wrong bpm detected tracks (tap feature would be great). But this firmware is AWESOME! Thanks mama denon

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A fantastic update! I love the fact that I have the pre-listening only by pressing the icon and the possibility to scroll the song back and forth !! Then the loop that you can tighten or open with the jog … was missing! Great Denon!


Nice work, Denon.

Amazing to me that with all the outcry here for updates and fixes and a) there’s no official thread from Denon announcing it, and b) there’s only a few people saying anything about it at all good, bad or otherwise.

I loaded the 1.4 beta as soon as it came out, couldn’t care less about streaming or Tidal, the firmware was stable but I was disappointed they didn’t address quantize at all. Loaded and played around with this for about 30 minutes the day it was released, completely fixed all my issues with quantize in general but specifically hot cues so that’s a huge win for me! All that’s left now for my main wish list is BPM and beatgrid editing on the decks…

You mean this…?

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Huh, didn’t know there was a general Prime forum level above the individual Prime products, I would have never seen that thread.

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Due to the same ecosystem, it should really be there and not per device anymore.

Don’t disagree, it’s just a weird implementation of the forum that’s throwing me off, it’s not obvious that there is a way to post or see general Prime family discussions.

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General tip could be to always navigate to “Latest” at the top. :wink:


Yeah, I see that now!

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Search time for large databases on internal drives have indeed been improved. Search results down to less than 10 seconds now. Still not as fast as I would like. Really need results in less than 5 seconds. But noticeable improvement. Thanks for this great year end update Denon.