Finally! Now they are here lets chat about them :)

So after one of the longest waits I’ve ever had for a product Im pleased to say my pair of vl12’s arrived today. So far I’m really impressed - not had a lot of time to play and need to get used to the pitch slider and mixing on vinyl again but loving them anyway. Apologies to the Denon guys for being a bit impatient on earlier posts… What a lovely piece of kit love how it looks, sounds and feels!

Will post an update if anyones interested once ive had a few proper mixes on them.

Did you have need to do an alignment of the cartridge like 1200’s. I saw nothing in manual. Should have mine this week

I use ortofon concorde cartridges so not for mine. Id imagine you would have to if your using the headshell. decks are really cool :slight_smile: getting used the the pitch as was used to numark ttx and technics!

Thanks. Wish they gave the paper protractor.

Using a Stevenson Protractor.

Thanks Double A

thats ace! very handy.

The “old” SL1200 way of setting things up has always worked. They might come pre-set from the factory, but I’d personally always check.

The only thing that seems missing is an indication of needle pressure on the counter-weight …

Hi guys so I had a long mix session with the vl12’s last night and invited one of my good dj friends who for years mixed on vinyl along. After the wait to get these I was keen to test them out properly - I had mixed a few records pretty badly when i got them the other day and put it down to me being tired and not having playing on vinyl for a while. The tonearm rest is a pain you need to be careful as the amount of times the tonearm bounced back out of it was frustrating. I like the clip idea but its almost as if it should be a bit further to the right. Its a minor point and I would imagine you will get used to it not a deal breaker but worth a mention.

I wanted another opinion as i was unconvinced the pitch was solid - every time i thought i had the bpm i didn’t!. We mixed for a few hours and both found the pitch to wander from time to time as we were making constant corrections. We both have mixed on vinyl for years in and out of clubs and are competent djs. The other thing noted was the pitch fader seems to do very little between -1 and +1 - if you watch the platter light the platter grooves don’t respond to moving the pitch fader we used it on the +8 setting only.

The decks are superb in lots of other ways but pitch is pretty important! any ideas - am i missing something as its a digital pitch? I spoke to the retailer today who told me about wow and flutter and that they are super accurate I’m going to get a tachometer and test them before getting carried away.

anyone else had a similar experience?

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so today I went out and setup the digital tachometer i bought and tested the decks. I can confirm as i suspected theres no pitch movement between -1 and -1. In light of no one from denon even making a comment i will load the video to you tube and people can make there own mind up. I’m actually gutted and wanted to be wrong after waiting 2 years to get these decks. The build overall is superb and they look amazing but as ive already said pitch is a pretty important thing for house djs. In the interests of fairness I done the same test on a numark ttx which worked fine as soon as I moved the pitch fader.

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Reminds me of my technics 1210 decks :grinning:

I’ve had a go on the VL12 at a local dealer this morning for a couple of hours ago and I am really REALLY impressed. OK, the looks of the turntable are modern and stylish, and the LED platter colouring was a lot less cheesy than I thought it would be. It actually looks the biz.

I’ve got to say that I really like the extended zero pitch area directly above and below zero. Given that theres no detent AKA: Zero click, when the pitch slide is at zero, having the wider zero area really seemed to make sense, to me at least. As long as you slide the pitch control somewhere near to zero, you’re going to get zero %, without having to look at the slider visually.

If I was going to go back to vinyl, I think that it would be with the VL12.

Just got round to reading some reviews of this turntable as I fancied one to replace my 1977 JVC QL-F6.

Really can’t believe they don’t have a line level output (not an issue for me personally as I have a Technics amp with phono stage) but the reviews also say it doesn’t come with a lid!

That’s a deal breaker for me as pretty much every turntable I have had in my life has had a hinged lid to protect it from dust and damage, especially if using it in a domestic environment.

I know you can get a decksaver but that’s not the same and also costs extra.

What was Denon’s reasoning for this decision?

Is it true that the tonearm is made of metal but the base is plastic ? Or is this just a bad rumor ?

Mojaxx said the arm is not perfect

Guy I know got a pair of these and took them back. W&F was no where close to even its modest specs and as a result he had trouble with dvs. Pitch fader also apparently has big deadzones according to some other guy on youtube.

Why not just press the bleeping quartz button?