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Is there any way to add “date added” to the filter fields? I am thinking that this would be a workaround in the absence of Serato style smart crates. I sort my library by BPM and genre. Would be useful to be able to fiulter Genre, BPM range and date added and simply dump those tracks into relevant crate. thanks

Right click on the columns and there enable the date added

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ok cool. tried this late last night and couldnt gety it to work - will try again, thanks

I couldn’t get it to work either. Does this feature really exist?

Edit: i’ve realised that you can show/hide different columns like ‘Date Added’ in the main library pane by right clicking on the column heading, but i don’t think it is possible to filter by these criteria. You can only sort.

so i guess you can filter and then order by date added in main window. so a sort-of solution