Filter knob sensitivity with firmware 1.6

Love this community and the on-going updates from the Denon team but I have recently encountered a problem on Prime 4 after upgrading to the latest firmware 1.6. Not sure if it’s just me but the filter knob sensitivity is kind of messed up after upgrading to V 1.6 on Prime4. The filter s used to be super smooth with 1.5.2 and now their behavior is erratic. I have tried setting the resonance & kill/bleed but to no avail. For all 4 channels, the filter is not consistent…Can I get the link to V 1.5.2 and downgrade to see if it’s any better? Also I hope others can chime in with their experience. Maybe it’s a setting that I am missing or is messed up. I have tried re flashing the update but the problem persists.