Filter Knob and button issue on MC6000MK2

Specification issues found on the MC6000MK2.

First, I am sorry that English is strange using Google Translator.

I am a Korean who lives in Japan and I am using MC6000MK2 I’ve found a problem with the spec.

Regardless of the Deck selected with the Deck button The middle Filter Knob will only work on 1,2 decks unconditionally.

I contacted the Denon DJ company in Japan about this problem

And I just told them that there is a way to set one of the FX1 or FX2 to Combo Filter and select the channel you want to operate the Filter with Channel Assign.

Is this really the only way? If anyone knows how to fix it, please give me a comment. Please check this video about this issue.

Which DJ software are you using?

If you use a different piece of DJ software, even a free/trial version does the filter knob behave the same between decks 1 and 3, or differently?

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To Gee

Sorry to my reply was too late.

I using Serato DJ. and tested on Traktor Pro Ver 2.11 Demo.

When I Using filter knob and buttons on Traktor, Filter Effects works on 1 & 2 decks only. and it could works on 3 & 4 decks with pressing shift button.

Is it impossible to work filter knob on Serato like when i tested on Traktor using Firmware Update or modifing XML file on Serato folder?

Ah, ok so Shift was the answer.

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Then, Can you reflect to next firmware update about this issue? Like, if you want to controlling Filter Effects on Deck 3,4 of Serato DJ, using knob and on/off button with pressing Shift button.

It’s not a firmware issue, nor a firmware resolve.

There’s no filter circuit or DSP in the MC6000. The filter button is simply a midi encoder… like a space bar or the letter W on a computer qwerty keyboard… the dj software, via a midi map file, just does what it does when it sees that button being pushed.

A different midi map may offer different behaviour, closer, or exact to what you’re looking for.

At first, I already know that filter knob and button is controlling to filter function of serato dj application use to MIDI signal.

Therefore, I think you can solve this issue if you modify the default function setting for Filter knob and button for Serato DJ.

Of course, I do not know if the files that can modify the settings are included in the firmware or included in the drivers.

If you know how I can fix this issue directly by editing the XML file I want you to let me know.

That “issue” is how Serato natively mapped the MC6000mk2 to their software. Yes, users can modify their mappings (there are limits). For further support on how to do it you should go to Serato forum because this has nothing to do hardware.

I requested about how can I mapping the function using Shift+target Button. because I cannot found on google about midi mapping shift button.