Filter and Sweep FX Knobs sensitivity problem

During the last set I had some problems with my Sweep FX button (Gate) and the knobs. The situation is like this:

A song is playing You preselect a Sweep FX effect, in this case (Gate) You use the fx with the knob Everything is like normal, but the next time you preselect gate the volume is lowered like you would use the mic talkover. Then you deselect gate its as loud as it was before.

As far as I thought about it it should be no software problem. Its the knob sensitivity. The knob is like usual at 12 o’clock, but the system detects the minimal incorrectness (even the effect-button is not flashing) and wants to apply the effect. The same thing is with the filter-effect all knobs are at 12 o’clock but the filter-button is still flashing

Is this normal with the x1800 and state of technic and I have to live with it or is there a fix or solution?

Hello @Tigerstryke

What software are You having on Your X1800?

Firmware 1.3, but with 1.2 it has also not worked that well. But I haven`t had the dropouts with (gate)

Yesterday I have restored it to factory settings.

Try to make another update and test. If not, then I would suggest to contact with service, because then it indicates a hardware issue.

I suspect at least part of this has to do with the pots’ effective curves and dead zones in the mixers’ firmware.

Think of it like a joystick axis for a flight sim: you don’t want the joystick causing any input when there’s no pressure being applied and you also don’t want the effect to be excessively-large when you’re just applying a comparatively small amount of pressure. In the case of the Sweep FX pot, replace pressure with distance from center. I keep harping on this stuff, but on digital gear there needs to be certain credos for these sorts of variable control inputs:

  1. There must be no input when no user input is applied. If inputs are being applied when the user isn’t actually moving the control, you need either better parts or better software reading and utilizing those parts.

  2. All movement inputs must be detected no matter how small. If you can move it a tiny amount and that didn’t pass some minimum threshold, you’re not using a good enough pot or ADC for the pot for that application.

  3. And the control’s sensitivity must have good usability in the curve shape at the foot and high enough amplitude possible at the shoulder. In the case of the Sweep FX pot, the foot of the curve is around the 12 o’clock and the shoulder is to the far left & right. In the case of a jog, it’s in terms of velocity, with the foot side of the curve being no rotation. You need that area at the bottom to be gradual and allow fine low-level inputs, but you also need a high enough maximum possible. That last one is particularly important for controls where velocity is being detected. Preferably, the shoulder will be so high that people would rarely ever turn the jog fast enough to reach that limit.

Analog-like response from digital gear. This applies universally to knobs, jogs, faders, etc.