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Ok, this is very frustrating. This is what I am doing and what I want to do:

I have an internal SSD that I put in the Prime 2. I have folders on the SSD that I click and drag my wav files to while the prime 2 is connected to my computer. I disconnect the prime 2. My music shows up in the folder icon right above the search tab option on the left hand side of the screen. All good so far, I see my music in the folders and can play from there.

What I want to do is add tracks to a crate from the folder library view mentioned above. I am unable to successfully do this. When I go to crate and click the edit button, I can not access my folder view tab; it is grayed out. This means I can not select the song to transfer to the created crate because I can not even navigate to my folder library to select the particular song.
Neither can I click and drag the song to a crate.

Can someone please help me out here? The manual is extremely lacking in detail (maybe one of the worst manuals I’ve come across). In my mind, I should be able to select a song in my folder library and easily drag it or move it to a crate…

Also, how do you delete crates?


Hi @Bumpin2MyBeat

In reverse order:

In edit mode (so when edit button is green) swipe the crate name to the left to remove the crate.

I understand how you think, however it doesn’t work like that in Engine OS at the moment. You can add tracks on the hardware to crates that are already been added to the collection. To add a track to the collection on the hardware itself it should be loaded to the player once (to analyze and add to index). Sadly there is currently no way to add multiple files at once or automatic to the collection on the hardware itself. This can only be done on desktop with Engine Prime or one by one on the hardware as described before.

Once in the collection you can add the track to crates and playlists. To see the whole collection instead of the content of an existing crate/playlist click the device name on the top of the left navigation panel. Then press edit and select the desired tracks to add to a new or existing crate/playlist.

For a much easier workflow I would recommend using Engine Prime on the desktop and creating the crates the same time you also add your music to your internal drive and use crate/playlist editing on the players to fine-tune or quickly create extra lists.

Hope this explains the current workflow. Things (improved workflow with files) might change in the future. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to post


Thanks for taking the time to respond Addie! I appreciate the thorough response too. At least I have the workflow figured out now (I wasn’t identifying the internal drive collection as a source to pull songs from while in crate mode). I can see the advantage to preparing everything prior to importing songs onto the internal drive too.

Ok, another issue. I got my songs into the specific crate I created. I am trying to reorder the songs in that crate. I am in edit mode. No matter how much I tough, hold and drag, I can not drag the song to another position in the list. What am I missing here?

“To reorder tracks in a playlist, tap and hold on the track name (while editing mode is still active), then move your finger up or down to change the track order. You can also reorder playlists in the same way.”

@Bumpin2MyBeat I’ve answered this before to someone, so hope you don’t mind I’m quoting. There is a difference between crates and playlists.

In general use playlists instead of crates if you want a fixed play order

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Thanks again for the reply. Ok, so, it looks like I want to setup a playlist instead of a crate for organizing a set. The problem I have now is I can not tap, hold and drag in edit mode the songs I want from a particular crate to a specific playlist or playlist folder. It appears I am uncapable to move those songs from a crate to the other playlist tab. I follow these instructions in the manual and all that happens is the track gets removed. Please help!

“To add tracks to your crate or playlist, tap a track to select it, and the open circle will become filled. After selecting tracks, tap and hold to move the tracks. You can drag the tracks over a crate, playlist or folder and release your finger to instantly add them.”

***Nevermind, I got it. Again, I would suggest the manual gets updated with more thorough information. For those maybe stuck in the same position as myself, what you have to do is go into edit more in a particular crate, select your songs you want to transfer, click on the playlist tab and the songs you selected populate there and from THERE (the playlist tab) you tap, hold and drag to the specific folder.

Hello, I am still trying to place music onto the (2TB)HD I have installed inside the Prime 2. I have reviewed the video and followed the steps yet no success. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

What video?

What steps? Please describe the steps you are taking.

Step #1 should be - read the Engine Prime manual.

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Hello, The video posted within this topic in regard to loading files onto internal HD.

Thanks I will go back and review manual

In the video (It states for the Prime 4) loading songs onto the internal HD you connect the blue transfer cable from the Hardware to the laptop, Power up the hardware press view to get to the laptop option (Connectivity) I get a connection ping yet that’s it no other feature/option

There isn’t one. Where are you seeing a video?

As for connecting to the laptop (are you using Mac or PC?) once you switch the Prime 2 to “computer mode” nothing else will happen on the Prime 2 screen. Your computer should detect an external drive - assuming you formatted the Prime 2 drive.

Once the computer sees the Prime 2 drive, you can use Engine Prime to create your library.

The video I viewed was on Youtube. So do I have to remove HD from unit again I would like to believe I did format it Fat 32 before placing it in unit.

Sorry guy, Using a PC i will give it another go thanks again

You should have used exFAT if it’s 2TB…