Few questions about the DN-S3700's

I have just bought a pair of these on Ebay along with a DJM 800 Mixer. Am I able to use these with Serato DJ anyway? How can I use one USB with two decks? Where can I buy the replacement 9" vinyls?

Congrats!!! The 3700’s are awesome!

  • The DJM800 is not one of the Pioneer mixers that comes with Serato hardware so you’ll still need to get one of the SL Interfaces or a DS1 to use Serato DJ. If you get an SL1 you can only use Scratch Live but if you get an SL2, SL3 or SL4 you can use either Scratch Live or Serato DJ. The DS1 only allows you to use Serato DJ. I believe there’s a way to map them to use Scratch Live as well but I’ve never done it so maybe someone else can help out with that.
  • I think you’re asking about the MIDI Mapping and loading software directly to the decks here and since I’ve never done it I can’t help advise with that.
  • The Denon website has them listed as an accessory but unless I’m mistaken doesn’t actually allow you to purchase them directly from the site. The only place I’ve seen them for sale otherwise for a reasonable price has been from B&H or Glowtronics depending on the color you’re trying to get.

Hope this helps!

I have heard and seen good things about the 3700’s. Am I able to use Engine in the same way as Serato or is it just for preparing/transferring the music? I tried B&H but they can’t ship to the UK, something about them not being allowed. Not really fussed about the colour, just one of the vinyls on the 3700 I bought is warped.

I will look into the SL for Serato use.

The 3700’s use Denon Music Manager which is a very very early idea for what Engine is today. I haven’t played with Engine at all yet but I don’t think you’ll be able to use it with the 3700’s. I’m not sure if Glowtronics ships overseas but if they don’t I’d try to contact Denon directly. The only alternative otherwise is eBay.

I will just look about some vinyl shops for 9" black ones as you can use any 9" vinyl.

Any idea where I can download Denon Music Manager? I can’t find it anywhere.

The Denon Music Manager Software is available for download off Denon’s website. The links to make sure your decks are completely up to date, change presets and all the manuals are there as well.

You’ll need to drill 2 small holes in the vinyls when you get them to get them attached to the platter but I don’t see why that wouldn’t work otherwise.

Glowtronics have replied saying they will ship to the UK. Do I use the USB 2.0 on the 3700 to USB 2.0 on laptop or the kind of square looking USB on the 3700?

I have been told I can plug both decks into my laptop and then use my Mixer as an external option in VDJ. Sorry for all these questions, I am so use to Pioneer with Serato or Rekordbox and Denon Music manager just seems a lot of hassle.

Not sure how the link works exactly but there should be some mapping instructions on the 3700 webpage I linked before. I’ve never done it and the way my decks are setup in my studio I can’t access the USB ports to try it out.

Ok I got it setup using my laptop but i have to hold my cue button for the music to keep playing, contacted vdj but they said the 3700 isn’t supported, only in time code with a license. think i’ll stick with usb and cds.

Don’t suppose you know of any idiots guide to using denon dj music manager? I tried putting music on my usb but it wouldnt load on any deck.

Lol no I don’t but I’ll be on the lookout for one. Have you tried searching YouTube? It’s possible someone there has created a video about the whole process that may help.

Did you ever get a solution to your issue about holding the cue button? I’m experiencing a similar issue.