Feel like a noob - where did my on-air setting go?

Hi folks,

Updated to the public beta and everything is nice and shiny, but … since that upgrade it seems I have “lost” the on-air indication (i.e. the platter ring turning white when up-fader is closed).

Did I inadvertently change a setting?

hmm … my setting on “On Air” stayed as I configured. Check Preferences: Display - OnAir (On/Off)

If it still doesnt work … reinstall Firmware.

Turn off Unit Hold the USB/SD Ejectbutton during boot (the little Chip Icon must be shown - thats update mode) Start “Updater” And Reflash it.

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I’ll check the setting at home tonight, thx!

Indeed the setting was changed. Not sure why, but it’s working again. Guess I’ll end up saving it in personal prefs.

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I had few settings ‘reset’ after the update but I just reset all and it’s all good. Strange how only a few optins was affected.

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My previous experience with the SC’s, is that update with cable resets settings and update with USB-drive does not. Although that might be coincidence.


good to know. thx

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