Feedback to Team-- The finish on this needs changing


A constructive feedback-- the finish on the x1600 is way better than this one. I’ve had the x1800 two weeks and some fading on the back strip and minor chipping on the edges are already happening. I’m not hard on gear, i don’t even scratch, i don’t wear long fingernails, so it bothers me that this thing is so fragile knowing that your aspiration is to be a club standard with a day-in, day-out usage!

I’ve owned lots of Denon gear from the DN2500F from 1999 and almost every major release and this mixer is not in the same league of finish quality as the old Denon nor does it hold a candle to Pioneer, A&H, even Reloop RMX90.


Sorry, used lots of Pioneer gear, cannot agree on the build quality being better than the X1800. Yes the A&Hs are built like tanks, and haven’t used the Reloop, but not Pioneer.


Yup have to chime in here but I’ve used my x1800 on 25 mobile gigs now and it looks brand new still. So I don’t think this is normal. These things are built like tanks and I deal with pioneer nexus stuff all day and night. I’ve been super happy with mine! Sorry about your findings though.


Thank you for your feedback, I was careful not to use the word “build” because I think it’s generally well put together. It’s the front facia finish that I speak about. Too smooth and susceptible to handling damage quite easily. I used an A&H DB2 for years, and that one didn’t even have a single cosmetic change from brand new. My x1800 was also bought brand new, in a sealed box.


Hi everyone For what it is worth I will give my experience as I own the x1600 and x1800 both bought from new, I have owned the x1600 for about 5 years and the facia/face plate paint has worn down to metal around the cross fader, the effects board shows signs of wear and the paint is faded and rubbed of in areas, I have chipped paint next to the channel faders also, but the mixer works perfect even though it has had heavy use, My x1800 is now 4months old and shows signs that wear will be similar over time. I have owned Vestax and Pioneer kit before and they all eventually got wear to facia/face plate finish around the cross fader and channel faders.

My personal experience of the mixers I have owned is that yes the x1600 is a great solid built mixer and equal in quality to my old Vestax pmc037, & personally I think better then the pioneer djm750 I owned, as for my x1800 I have no issues with the finish more then any other mixer I have owned, but time will tell.

I think to have wear signs after a month may indicate that something is not right with the finish on your mixer though as I don`t think the paint should be chipping off so soon from normal use, your in warranty so question it with Denon for their opinion


Ive always found it best practice to get a skin from 12inchskinz or somewhere similar (thats easily removable) to protect the gear.