Feedback on Tidal streaming service use

Hi, I hope someone of Denon DJ staff read this feedback, 'couse I think is very big issue for who, like me, use streaming service ABOVE ALL to complete his/her music collection.

After some days of using Prime GO with TIDAL, for tomorrow I’ll need to create a special playlist to use with prime GO in a secondary stage of mine in a wedding.

Most of songs I’ve on my SD card but some of them I need to take from TIDAL.

I think is not possible to leave dj to put TIDAL songs in a GLOBAL playlist (so using his songs on SD Card togheter with streaming service like TIDAL, but I think is the same for soundcloud).

This playlist should play with continuos play feature, but since, at moment, they need to be 2 different playlists (1 for Tidal and another for SD Card), this is impossible…

So pls, like other djsoftware, try with next firmware add this feature:

GLOBAL Playlist in which dj can put songs from his SD, USB, HDD and from streaming services.

For tomorrow I’ve to play ONLY FROM Tidal, even if I’ve most of those songs on my SD -.-

I hope it will be developed, if any are agree with me, pls add likes or something to force the staff to insert this feature in the next firmware… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s hardly a fair way of looking at things

Did you check the official forum section for suggested new features before you posted above.

Only votes added to post in that section are counted

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Tnx, I’m doing it

I think this is a feature request that might work for you:

Along with the addition that streaming tracks can be added to that list

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