Features request top 10

1.-Gain level record on screen … it’s to low super low 2.-weels screen bpm info and cue mark colored instead art or logo 3.-bpm editing tap option shift + sync or shift + 4.- prelisten a song touching the screen 5.-automix option on display when playlist 6.-colored wave forms high,low,mid 7-phase count on screen like the sc500 □□■□ 8.record tidal music when recording a session… 9.wifi other options streaming like beat port pandora ,spotify etc 10.better engine bpm scan detection


wow. there’s some fair points. definitely agree about phase-meter. Also they should increase speed to go through all effects current one is too slow…


I, like anyone else, looked at your list and I thought YES to some, No or Doesn’t affect me, to others, Yes but in a different order to what some DJs might want. I think everyone else would feel the same but just diffeeent about different things on your list

For me getting the bpm detection, start beat location and upbeat/downbeat detection for songs, both in the player and in Engine Prime is top top top top priority. I feel that coz it ties in with so many things, loops, quantize, roll, slicer etc

My own thoughts are that all other firmware idea programming should take a back seat to bpm and beat detection - let all the nice niche things queue up until that first one is done.

The problem is though Denon have gone deafeningly quiet on all software and firmware progress. Just a couple of little “we’re aiming at class leading bpm detection” and then some “we’re working on it” or “it’s on our list” sort of tread water phrases but they seem to be actively avoiding joining any discussions on progress.