Feature suggestions SC5000

As an Allrounder DJ i would like to bring up some feature-wishes:

  1. Search function: Please make it possible to search with more than one fragments (i.e.: “ink” AND “umb” for “Linkin Park - Numb”)

  2. Lists: There ist more than enough Space for further information in the List-Views. Engine Prime makes it possible to rate Titles with *****. They are not shown in the List-Diplay of the SC5000 why not? Even Album Information or bitrate etc. Would be nice to configure by myself.

  3. Library Space The Maximum possible Place for the Library is 2,4 GB. Would be nice to have some more.

  4. Colour Rings: By using Sc5000 with X1800 the Rings are always white while not “on air”. I would like to see the Colors continuously.

  5. Artwork Display: Only Artwork OR own Logo shown. When there is noch Artwork in the File, there is a black picture shown. Would be nice to see Artwork and - if there is no Artwork, only then see own Logo.

  6. Pitch Sensivity The Pitch Fader often has a Latency. Not fine, even would i like to see the Pitch by 0,00% when loading new track

  7. Feed Playlists “on the fly”: Please make it possible to feed current Playlists “on the Fly” during the DJ-Set. So i could be able to put a song into an existing Playlist (not preparation!), that i would prefer to see permanent in that list.

  8. Prepare Folder: Please make possible to choose, if i want to erase the Track from the Preparation list when loaded or not. Sometimes there i have ideas and prelisten to different Tracks from the preparation folder to decide after that but the Tracks then are removed from the preparation List. I would like to keep them in the list, even when played.

  9. Display View: Using 2 Decks, in the Display there is showed the Time Information of the current Deck. In the View of Deck B there is no time-Information seen. Only in the Cate/Playlist-View the Time-Informations of both Layers are shown. Why not in the normal Deck view? This is very important for me, to see the Time-Information of the other Layer (B) while working on A.

  10. Sorry for my bad english… I am german but i did my best :slight_smile:



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A post was merged into an existing topic: Feature Requests - What would You like to see?