Feature Suggestion : Tempo Changes

Well, I sent an earlier post about how my transition DJ tools weren’t analyzing properly only to find out a little bit later that Engine Prime does not support mid-song tempo changes. Denon, I know you’re trying to compete with Pioneer’s NX2 line with these players, but leaving out this feature in your kit is really bad. It looks like people have been asking for this for over a year… Can you please add this soon? People are picking up these reduced cost setups and are looking for an advantage other than cost. I love these decks, but this one is a no-brainer that should have been in Engine on release…



This has been passed onto the development team

Flexible beatgrids is a common feature request across all major DJ platforms. It’s a lot tougher problem to solve (development-wise) than you would think.


Engine Prime has beat gridding. It’s similar to Ableton when I tested it ie if you grid a track with fluctuating bpm e.g. something played by live drummers, EP will have everything at one BPM if you manually grid it…That’s helpful in some cases but not for transition tracks.

I have more experience with Serato and they implemented their beat marker editing differently. The song still fluctuates in BPM but the lines tells Serato where the bpm changes are.

So a typical funk track can start at 116bpm and you will see the bpm change to 120 - 118 - 112 etc at different fluctuating portions of the song.

I believe Rekordboxdj and Virtual DJ have this great function as well.

Yes so instead of simply the audio changing bpm, once the grids are set to where the waveforms are the software shows what the changing bpm is.

I think EP actually adjusts the playback speed in between grid markers as a way of warping the track as it’s playing. I dont think EP actually warps the audio itself and playing a track I know changes that I also gridded the bpm doesnt change.