Feature suggestion : disable controls to prevent tampering


Hold up… Are we talking about the same Decksavers here? I mean to each their own, but in my opinion they are neither hulking nor ugly - it’s just clear plastic sized specifically for whatever model of gear you have. Boring perhaps, but not ugly.

Also, if your “mobile environment” is enough to break a Decksaver, your gear is already toast. Those things are bloody indestructible - you can quite literally run over them with a car and they come out fine

Venting shouldn’t be an issue - players shouldn’t be venting out the top and Decksavers don’t cover the sides.



I’d have to say that while hulking and ugly might be a bit of an extreme description of decksavers, they’re not exactly easy on the eye. I don’t think they’re a solution for a device that’s powered up and playing… especially as large as one would have to be to fit the Prime 4. while I’d be spending ages trying to get the decksaver on the Prime 4 without nudging any buttons which would affect playback, carefully, carefullly, I’d have were myself or dyed of thirst

Maybe for big products, decksavers should come in a three part pack including a deck saver for left deck, mixer/display, and right deck - that would make the prime4 decksaver easier to carry around, and easier to fit to such a big product


Or this ideas

If the turn control of the headphone volume level is turned to be all way off then the other controls all be unworking and while LOCKED is very big shown on the screen when any control be moved

Unlock of the Prime four just is to turn headphone volume level control to any level above zero off


Hey guys,

While I can’t promise a release timeline on this particular feature, I would like to suggest the following:

If you want to make sure that the controls do nothing, just swap the decks to the alternate layers while away. If you have tracks on them, you can always disable and re-enable the layer (shift + layer, shift + layer) to pull the the tracks off.

While this may not prevent the most bold/malicious/drunk customers from tweaking mixer controls, I imagine it would stop most people from scratching the deck.

The good thing about this is that it works on SC5000/M as well :slight_smile:

Just my 2c