Feature suggestion : disable controls to prevent tampering


It’s only a nice to have, and i haven’t seen it elsewhere

i’m a mobile DJ , i play weddings , birthdays and company parties/events

sometimes a drunk guest thinks that its ok to mess with my gear while i’m in the toilet. Suddenly you can hear someone trying to scratch … and while that isn’t a catastrophe in itself, the drink in the guests hand could very well end up being

i would like to suggest a button combination to disable/enable all controls , an anti-tamper lock if you will


It’s a nice idea —/ but with a huge customer service issue.

The issue would be what if the DJ accidentally triggers the button lock without knowing it and without knowing how to unlock it? The forums and social media’s would be full of “help!!! My prime 4 locked up in the middle of gig” or even less helpfully “Prime 4 freeze mid gig”

I can though see the good idea behind the request though. Something like - hold down both shift buttons together for 5 seconds - the screen shows “locking - enter 4 digit lock code using channel cue buttons” … you would then press the headphone cue buttons on channel 4, then channel 1, then channel 2 then channel 3 to set a lock code of 4123. This would disable all buttons except both the shift buttons. When you return from the bar or toilet or girl etc then you press both shift buttons then press the headphone cue buttons in the right order.

As the prime 4 has so many USB ports you could even have a USB stick with a text file called “Unlocked” on it, and have a menu preset preference set so that the whole system is only operable while the usb stick with the “unlocked” names file on it. When you go to the toilet, take the usb stick with you, locking the unit, then when you return, plug the unlock stick back in


put a deck saver cover over it.


^ This. If I have to step away from the booth for more than a few minutes I put the covers back on over decks and mixer. If someone is ballsy enough to take those off to mess around, they’re getting ejected from the event.


Exactly you have to be very ballsy to do that


Blockquote while i’m in the toilet

What? You walk off and leave your gear unattended? [facepalm]

Once I’m at a gig and working, that’s it. I don’t leave my gear unattended - ever.

Fact is, in most cases you know well in advance when you’re going to be working, so it’s pretty simple to plan so you don’t need the toilet.


It seems clear that some people are trying overly hard, yet not getting anywhere, in trying to derail the prime 4, those who would like to use it, and the way that those DJs choose to DJ.

There are many +++++completely legitimate++++++ reasons for a DJ to be temporarily far enough away from their DJ equipment for someone else to touch the equipment. It’s happened to me, when I’ve been standing a few metres in front of the decks and mixer, doing some mic work to start the second half of the night off. The music bed I was talking over suddenly stopped, when I turned around, one of the guests had jumped on with the immortal “Don’t worry, I’m a DJ too”

So, unattended play is, in many connotations, is unavoidable.


Fact is that when i’m DJing weddings i often DJ 10 hours in a row, even if i didnt need to go to the toilet for that long, i do need a break once in a while

facepalm all you like, i’m not dragging my complete setup to the toilet :rofl:


If someone’s doing an entire wedding the odds of never having to go to a bathroom are pretty low unless you have an iron bladder and refuse to intake any liquid at all.


nobodys getting eject from a wedding , not ever

once i was DJing a wedding and while in the toilet i heard “scratching” all of a sudden , i hurried back and found the bride behind my mixer. I killed the sound and started packing, but calmed down and played through the night

the insert expletive here complained about me to my booker , who didn’t dare argue because he knew she would spill bile all over social media , so he was forced to pay her half the fee back , even though our contract specifies that no one besides the DJ is allowed to touch the setup


Interesting discussion that kinda sheds light on the types of DJs in this forum.

Why it may seem alien to some people that a DJ may need to leave his gear unattended when flying solo as most do…this is the reality of many working DJs.

We aint all bedroom/online radio djs/1hr set djs…lol.

If i gotta wee-wee or poo-poo…then i gotta handle my business.

One of the reasons i stopped doing gigs with DVS and TTs is that everyone wants to scratch or touch the record. I dont mind kids coming up to see the records and ask questions…but not grown folks.

I try to get security to guard the booth or if its a mobile i ask if one of the guests to watch whilst i run to the jax.


But this is why i suggest Decksaver because most “wannabe DJ’s” dont know that its just a lid over the equipment and most of the time they see this and change their mind about touching it.


I’m not certain that a hulking great ugly deck saver would allow allow adequate ventilation- even for a few minutes at a time, on powered up equipment

Plus, larger decksavers don’t tend to last long in a mobile environment


there’s a 10 inch touchscreen , nothing would be simpler than to program a numpad for pin entry

putting in the code to ignore all other actions could be a rather large undertaking though :thinking:

a pincode could also be used for making the device unusable for would be thiefs…another industry first if Denon would implement it :wink:


^ now this i can get behind of that’s dope.


PIN is good until the genuine owner forgets it , or someone other than the owner sets it up eg: at a club


the real owner would just be able to hook it up to Engine and reset it , or maybe if you forget your pin you could have the option of entering you email address instead

and of course you should be able to disable pin altogether


{Waits 30 seconds for the “you mustn’t hook it up to a laptop ever … it’s standalone” comments }


haha :joy:

Thumbdrive with mastercode for that particular unit then ? :wink:


No, you have a master unlock code that’s the same for all units - sort of like a company called Avolites does with their lighting desks. If you lock the desk and forget the code (yes I have done this!) You can enter a 5 digit PIN that acts as a master unlock.

Even if whoever is thinking of jumping on the decks is a DJ as well, chances are they won’t be familiar enough with the kit to have the master override memorized - even now after using Avolites desks for 3 years, I still need to refer to the saved info on my phone to get the unlock code.