Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



Hi, Yes the searches are in place but as individual searches. Except for a couple of search parameters that i think are vital, like “Added”, “Rating”, “Number of plays”.

What i really would like to see is a filter/search function where i can predefine a set of rules within one search and with the press of one button.

For example;

  • Songs added in the last month
  • With compatible keys
  • Within a pitch range of +/- X%
  • User rating higher than

That gives you the possibility to search through large libraries really quick. This is a killer feature for all of us that plays out a lot and dont pre-plan our sets.



OK, so more like the 1-step / 2-step / etc searching feature from the DN-HD2500 / HS5500 which Denon innovated on DJ hardware back in 2007, where you would only be shown the results where MORE than one field met the search criteria.


I could not say because i have never used that gear :blush: I´m coming from Pioneer/Rekordbox and Serato. In lack of a better description the same kind of filter option that is featured on the Nexus II player and in Rekordbox.


Not sure it’s been mentioned yet but quantize when recalling loop points. Quantize when setting them works fine, it just seems to be when recalling them.


How about a filter for the Year tag? Would love to narrow down choices by year for certain situations (class reunions, birthdays, etc.).


I’d really like to see a feature like the “active censor” feature on Pio’s DDJ-RZX, where one could place a marker on a track that would automatically engage the censor function if the feature was enabled on the player… That would help me cut down the number of clean/dirty tracks needed in my library, and could be tucked away in the player settings, totally transparent to users who have no need or want for such a feature.


Just a quick thought on this. How are people populating the Year tag on their tunes ?

There has been an issue since the inset of MP3s etc, that the year tag would often populate from the year of the Album. This was fine if the album was full of new tracks e.g.: A new album release of a current artist, however the problem would start with things like “Greatest hits of Ibiza” or “Greatest hits of House”… where the album itself may have been CREATED/SOLD in 2017, but featured tracks from practically any years from the last couple of decades… so you could have "Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel: White Lines (Dont do it)… tagged as 2017, instead of 1983 (oh wow, that bassline, I gotta listen to that loud, now!)

Is anyone aware of a batch application which automatically fixes such anomalies on tags? If the tags aren’t right, then searching on them will bring less useful results.


Gee_DenonDJ - I tag the years differently in my collection (hell, I tag everything differently from other DJs!). I have my “original” collection where everything is tagged by the year it originally came out. I have my DJ edit collection, again if it’s a true original edit even, tagged with the original year it came out. However, a remix or new version gets the year it hits the streets. Some titles that I know I won’t play that much or aren’t that popular won’t get the year tags filled at all (I don’t want them in my searches).

As for software that batches by album or groups you’d like, try Tag & Rename. It’s one of the two pieces of software I use in prep that helps me make sure bit rates, refresh rates and all ID3 tags are what I want them to be before I integrate the new tracks into my collection. I hope that helps!


Here’s a request, unless it’s already possible: Please make playlists changeable, rearrangeable, etc. It seems that both on the SC5000 and even in the prime software, I am unable to re-save a playlist in a different order - it wants to number and keep them in the order I created the playlist. I’d like to be able to sort tracks (both in Prime and on the SC5000), by BPM or Key for example. It would also be nice to “sort” the prepare list by any id3 tag, as well…like BPM, Key, length of song, etc.


Could you elaborate on this please ?


Sure thing. Keep in mind, The following is with Quantize on.

To compare, setting a hot cue works as expected, as well as using/recalling a saved hot cue point. It will set or start the cue point based on my quantize setting. I can jump around with multiple cue points and it will always start based on my quantize setting.

The loop points: I can create/save a loop point fine, based on quantize setting. However the issue is when using/recalling a saved loop point. The loop point will begin playing immediately, regardless of the quantize setting. Loops are unusable for me if another song is playing because unless it’s hit perfectly every time, the beatmatch will be off and very noticeable. The expected behaviour would be when using/recalling a saved loop, it would start based on your quantize setting, just like hot cues, rather than immediately. Hope that helps.


Feature Requests - What would You like to see?

I like to see the SC5000 perfect and stable to earn it’s place in the dj booth as a standard. Too many added features expand the room for errors, learning curve and sometimes slows down performance of the decks.

Don’t load the deck with features that only a youtube showboat dj will use. Most working djs have the common sense not to use half of that when they’ve got the crowd rocking.


Elapsed / Remaining Time

On the players, rather than having to tap to switch between them, there is enough screen real estate in the time section to display both. If keeping clutter to a minimum is desired, you could have one smaller than the other and tap to change which one is in focus.


I second this as I experienced this the other day when I was play a set. Quite frustrating and frankly I’m very surprised that this is how the players are functioning. At this point I completely agree that the loop point saving/recalling feature is unusable in it current state. Hopefully this can be addressed in the first firmware update.


By “Added”, did you mean “Date Added” ?

and “Rating” just a personal preference? e.g.: your own “score” or vote for the track ?


Yes date added to the collection so that you can sort tracks within a playlist or collection to show the newest. Rating based on the star score so that you can sort based on that aswell.


I would also like this feature Choose the amount of stars for a track without using Engine Prime, but do it directly from the player.


As an Allrounder DJ i would like to bring up some feature-wishes:

  1. Search function: Please make it possible to search with more than one fragments (i.e.: “ink” AND “umb” for “Linkin Park - Numb”)

  2. Lists: There ist more than enough Space for further information in the List-Views. Engine Prime makes it possible to rate Titles with *****. They are not shown in the List-Diplay of the SC5000 why not? Even Album Information or bitrate etc. Would be nice to configure by myself.

  3. Library Space The Maximum possible Place for the Library is 2,4 GB. Would be nice to have some more.

  4. Colour Rings: By using Sc5000 with X1800 the Rings are always white while not “on air”. I would like to see the Colors continuously.

  5. Artwork Display: Only Artwork OR own Logo shown. When there is noch Artwork in the File, there is a black picture shown. Would be nice to see Artwork and - if there is no Artwork, only then see own Logo.

  6. Pitch Sensivity The Pitch Fader often has a Latency. Not fine, even would i like to see the Pitch by 0,00% when loading new track

  7. Feed Playlists “on the fly”: Please make it possible to feed current Playlists “on the Fly” during the DJ-Set. So i could be able to put a song into an existing Playlist (not preparation!), that i would prefer to see permanent in that list.

  8. Prepare Folder: Please make possible to choose, if i want to erase the Track from the Preparation list when loaded or not. Sometimes there i have ideas and prelisten to different Tracks from the preparation folder to decide after that but the Tracks then are removed from the preparation List. I would like to keep them in the list, even when played.

  9. Display View: Using 2 Decks, in the Display there is showed the Time Information of the current Deck. In the View of Deck B there is no time-Information seen. Only in the Cate/Playlist-View the Time-Informations of both Layers are shown. Why not in the normal Deck view? This is very important for me, to see the Time-Information of the other Layer (B) while working on A.

  10. Sorry for my bad english… I am german but i did my best :slight_smile:



All added to the list which is discussed with the Development team. Thanks


How about connecting them to engine prime and see all your pc tracks from the pc itself?