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I’d love also to swipe away the playlist window to have the whole screen dedicated to track browsing once the playlist is selected…


thats true… i d love too, longer tracknames would be displayed too on the fly ; )


+1 on this one


I forget how fast filenames currently scroll. These are 48khz displays after all, right? Maybe the ability to also adjust the scroll speed (and hold delay) would be helpful. That’s something I can do on Hanpins and I don’t remember that as an option on the SC5000.


MPC Live / X integration.


Phrase Analysis and display for tracks


#1: Ability to search comments field for tracks in library from SC5000 user interface in both standalone mode AND controller mode when paired with Serato DJ Pro.

#2: Ability to view scrolling waveforms on SC5000 display in controller mode with Serato DJ Pro.

#3: Ability to assign deck illumination colors on SC5000 jog wheel in controller mode with Serato DJ Pro.

#4: Ability to assign custom logo/image on SC5000 jog wheel display in controller mode with Serato DJ Pro.

#5: Ability to have 0.02% pitch resolution when in either –/+4% or –/+8% pitch range.


Ability to add a default Album Art/Logo to the center of the jog wheel if the track loaded has no Art.


Track art at the center of the jog would look really cool if it rotated as the track is playing and rotated back and forth whilst moving/scratching the jog wheel.


Hello everyone, as im having my Players just a week i have just some suggestions (some more may come): when you select Cue on mixer - Player changes to seleted Layer… when searching for Tracks - i dont want to see All the time wich Folder and wich Playlist im in … just Track list…
I would Like to see Track Rating on my Player in Track List and ofcourse Eddit it on the go…. OFICCIAL DENNON Software to get my Recordbox PLaylist with Correct Hotcues into Engine Prime


The latest Engine Prime software supports rekordbox playlist with hotcue imports.


havent updated yet… Tnx for Your Tip


Forgive my ignorance as I don’t yet own it but could a Soundswitch product be designed to work without a laptop but using the various free USB ports or via the PC port on the X1800?

Maybe laptop+software could pre-render/auto-script light shows, save them to a stick and run the appropriate DMX script for each song. Is that feasible for the SC5000 CPU?


Long pressing the cue in the mixer change to selected layer in the player.

Library management over network (wifi?)

MIDI in in the players (connect a sc2000 to control second layer)

+1 to optimisation info of the background layer in the screen. (BPM)


Are there any of these still in shops? They’re what? About 10 years old now?


I have 2 of them xD , and for sc2000 I refer any other class compliant controller :slight_smile:


Fact: SP1 was also several years old (and outdated with non-RGB color pads) product when support for it in NXS2 firmware was added.

Then you must agree that Denon should release a mk2 version if you feel the original SC2000 is too old? The feature request is valid and sound, especially since competition offers that EXACT feature.


It is possible to have an automix when you use the player in continue mode ?


Text File Viewer

With history files now exportable, it would be nice to have a text viewer to be able to look up some of the saved playlists (or just notes one makes for oneself etc). Wouldn’t need to be anything fancy - just a pop up box similar to when you long press on a track.

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