Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



Can you do one for Engine Prime as well?


Drop me a PM with the “wanted” / wished-for points, and sure I will.


Say no more, Sliding into your PM


RECORD THE SET…to be able to record your set that would be it.


Where theres no track artwork id rather see the denon logo rather than them rubbish bubbles (ive said this before). Also, it would be nice to have the ability to arrange the prepare folder (bpm order for example). It would also be good if that prepare list disappeared once the units have been powered off. I would also like the ability to use say layer on one source crate, and layer 2 on a different source crate - for example i can use layee 1 for my rnb folder, layer 2 for house. Very handy when you switch genres several times a night, you can keep your place in each folder that way.


On the players? The requirements for that over the ethernet link would be through the roof, and I’m not sure the mixer would even be able to run a feed back into it. I don’t advise that. The X1800 is where the recording option would need to be, and unfortunately there’s no USB A port on it like on the X1700. The Pioneer DJM-REC iPhone app doesn’t even work that reliably anyway for the DJM900NXS2. I advise people to just buy a portable recorder if they want something like that.


Pitch fader physical position should be registered on track load, overriding soft takeover from layer change. No need for a settings/option/preference. Anyone disagree with this, and if so, why?


Hey guys You have seen that the RCA are of better quality on the M than the SC5000 ?


How so? Looks the same to me.


Here you can see the difference, not really the same


bottom industrial 3D photo. you jester😁


its the same…


One of those is photo and the other is a computer generated render. Go actually look at one of your units - that’s what they look like.


Hi there,

as other have requested, wuold be nice to have link sync with ableton



Very low down the todem pole of priorities and long term stuff for original SC5000, but slip mat friction simulation, as in how quickly the record picks back up when you release it or spin back. On the low friction side it’d be a little more time to speed up like butter rugs, while on the higher friction side it’d be less time to speed back up like neoprene or velvet mats. This is as opposed to just immediately going to full play either when touch is released or after a slight delay as a result of a back spin. There’s probably some way to have this affect forward spins to better emulate vinyl, too. Deckadance 2 has pretty good friction simulation, and I want to say VDJ 8 gives you the ability to tailor some of the settings.


Someone is gonna activate that feature without knowing its there and claim that there’s a very loose feeling between the movements they pump into the platter, and the sounds they hear.


If you’re jog bending or touching the capacitive platter, there would be zero delay of inputs when this simulated friction scratch/touch-release start time is tuned to the butter rug end, and it would not affect the start acceleration of play, cue, or hot cues that would still be instant. Does that change your opinion of it?


I’d love to see the 5000 connecting to my wifi network and let me browse the Nas for music… hello, new geeky dj here!


I’d be content with a wired connection Engine Prime track offload feature over a network, but there is supposedly wifi-related filings on the SC5000 with the FCC.


Ableton LINK please.