Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



My opinion: just adapt…

We’ve never needed Technics to change the bend or quartz drive magnets to react to one’s fingerpower…

After playing a few tracks on the SC, you should get used to the feel how much/less you need to adjust. But if you really want to make this a math contest with settings, numbers, percentages; be my guest.

I used to know Tijs from the old days and he didn’t care how sensitive a platter would be between turntable brands. Can’t imagine he would be whining about it now.


I agree with you. These long-winded whiny posts about how I’ve had loads of players from 5 or 10 or 20 years ago and waaaaaaaa this is different and I want it all my way and I’m going to keep repeating my posts until it gets changed waaaaaa are all getting very boring and very tiring to keep reading.

If something new is different from some 10 year old other model then great!!! Different doesn’t mean wrong - and if the world just wants everything new to be just the same as a previous model then nothing changes, everything stays the same and we’re all locked in the last decade.

Move along… Move along …


Cue Scratch is stupid feature. Any serious scratch DJs does not use such an unnecessary function.


I prefer the Hanpin auto cue scratch since it has not only the pause mode (which I don’t use), but a play mode, which I do. It would require some button press or combo to activate the mode, though, hence me wondering where it might be assigned hypothetically.

Does anyone intentionally utilize the Denon jump back to cue while in play but with your hand on the touch platter, say for some scratch effect or have a particular other good mixing or performance reason for it? I realize that’s the way Denon has always done it.

Oh, another thing that might be worth doing: have manual Loop In set the main cue, as well. That’s a common method on Pioneers and Hanpins. Anyone hate that idea or can think of a reason that shouldn’t be the case?


jump back to cue yes but not using the Jog, not been able to test my players fully yet, but what I do say is that if its a function with a purpose that actually does some trick/technique and its possible to implement without detracting from the basic layout and purpose then why not, as long as such things are put into an order of importance of implementation first and their is much, so I would presume such would be down the list, Personally myself as soon as I solve my problems I will be testing how deep I can go with the Techniques in the mix.

Although I feel stuck at present waiting on some implementation we have been told is on the way and is much needed, but until I/we see the next stage of evolution in the SC5000 we will not really know, what to request, I feel we are still waiting for the big Firmware update as of yet we have only had minor additions, so I still believe we have not stepped up yet in usability, I hope we are not too far away now surely it feel like its taking way too long, but I hold out hope and trust what we have been told will come and with some major improvements.

But I will for sure be looking into all I can do with the SC5000, and looking into such ideas others suggest I have not thought of and I will give a plus one if its feasible. We are still missing a lot too be able to compete mix wise with some one using a 4 deck advanced controller, So I am still in the sc5000 fail camp, but promise is here, roll on updates soon before summer fully kicks in, then we can see what is still missing based on the premise of these competing with a advanced 4 deck controller, that was the message I got in the hype, so something should be here soon and when it does I will give a shout of joy for the next level.


WThe only 2 things I’m really missing are: -search function which filters your tracks fordate addedor date created. It’s fine to have this function in Engine Prime, but I’d like to filter it stand alone on my SC5000 decks, so that I can see all my new tracks added on top. -manual beat/bar adjustment on tracks, because Engine Prime is often incorrect in analyzing the tracks.I experienced that it is sometimes impossible to set exact cue points, so a flexible grid would be nice, there are also some tracks with tempo changes out there, which I don’t want to trigger over Hot cues

ONE big thing I forgot here, the visual waveform control of edited tracks.It would be extremely handy to colorize different parts of your waveforms for example: you have a house track with 16Bars as intro, you set your intro cue in red and the part of the waveform also is shown in red, until you set the next cue point for a 8Bars pad in green and the part of the waveform from that cue point is also shown in green color and so on.I think this would be a big improvement.


Yes we got to presume some of those requests are on the way for more in depth Beat gridding and also being able to save and organise our own sets along with suitable organisation / folder structures / prepare section for creating sets that does not delete the track just because you gave it a test run, for me this is stupid and is like bromide for the creation of live sets, just no impulse or fun with the players as of yet, also syncing of cues and loops, so this is why I desperately wait to see what is coming, some things have been mentioned as being worked on and these others I would have presumed a logical step, but I personally cant wait for a third or fourths update etc, its been a long time already, so this next one is the big one that I will presume will address the most important needs. and help me break away from the blasted PC with exception of the initial first analyse process which hopefully we can then fine tune our grids in the sc5000 and save sets/lock the grid and so on.


All I can say is have a little bit more patience!

And yes, there is a lot of work to be done. Not only on the Prime set but also on the MCX.


I’m agree too about update the SC5000 it’s been already 6month it’s little long ! Hope the next update are not minor changes


It’s been a busy 4+ months that have passed since the 1.0.3 firmware release for the SC5000 and dont worry, the next firmware update, currently in Beta Testing, offers a number of features which some users have been looking forward to for some time.

When the new firmware is ready, it’s release will be mentioned here on the forums, together with a download link.


Looking forward to this. Happy to beta test too.

Does improved flexible beat grid make it into the next release?

The busy summer season kicks off tomorrow.

May day.


only “some users…” ?



Any any (any) feature could mean the absolute world to a certain percentage of owners, and yet mean nothing to other users, who may never use that feature.

Think of a different feature… that new feature could be used several times a night by a certain percentage of owners but that same feature could be used once a year, if that by others.


Optional use of the center jog display for layer info. Possibilities: Colored arrow to left or right. Colored vertical half hemisphere with black or white deck layer letter inside it.

Layer-specfic custom jog pics might be sufficient.


I would like to see an affordable sampler with interconnectivity via the player and that you can just rip what you have in a loop and save that as an independent snippets or groups etc, Or maybe the second layer alternative but a long shot I would presume and detracting from the 4 players and overcomplicating, so a standalone sample capture device for £500 or less, that will win over pioneers over complicated solution, I personally just want the basics as I just described at first. its all about on the fly and simplified saving of samples and groups/banks, that’s all.


Besides the ability to lock the key somewhere other than zero, when keylock is on it’d be nice if you could change the key in increments, perhaps with the rotary encoder while holding the keylock button. Holding keylock button and pushing rotary encoder could reset the key. That would require keylock on/off status be affected by the button release after a rapid press rather than upon initial press as it is now.


Windows 7 driver compatibility.


Yeah this has nothing to do with the simple lack of doing updates at large companies… banks and insurance are known for using old software. Very very secure…

I work for an IT company and there are very few customer machines still on Win7. Our Kaseya reports about 10%.

But why not support an OS that’s nearly 10 years old. I would not stop anyone from doing that.


Custom colors for the Camelot keys. You’re currently using the colors from the comparatively less useful, but unfortunately ubiquitous version of the wheel. Everyone already knows how to count to 12.


I’m surprise the Feature Requests thread is still growing. At the rate of speed the updates are release. We will be lucky to see 1/10 of the requested features. Maybe in the next new modeled units. I’m pretty much satisfied with my SC5000s as being stable without failures. I don’t have a bad thing to complain about the X1800, other then not being total satisfied with the effects. I really hope and pray, I will get to see a major update for the engine prime software before I decide it’s time to move on unto the next latest gear. All the hype is gone and it’s about how long you can hold out to see will the Prime Series improve.