Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



Not being able to set a main cue and hot cues before the track is analyzed is a hassle. And here I thought the need to pause the DN-HS5500 to set the cues and hot starts (when holding record) was annoying. Wow. Yeah, that needs resolving.

I agree with other DJ who doesn’t analyze their track with engine it’s very annoying not difficult to change that ! @Gee_DenonDJ any news about a firmware upgrade ? still in beta ?


This is in a future firmware release.


for example In Ableton Live e, there is an option for users to control this option, as well as different in the same players (cdj’s), in my country the musics is played at different speeds, and when you decide to suddenly move the speed We need this option


Whats not used yet on the mixer?


Had to scroll back… The PC ethernet connection is the one I mean. It’s still not in use. I can imagine updating via LAN for both mixer and players. Or transmitting timecodes. Or making backup of settings. Or configuring the settings.

Furthermore there was no DVS when I wrote that reply or other Serato connections.


I have mentioned it before - but I really really think that the Cue-scratch function would be a gamechanger for dedicated Pioneer users… Each time I speak with a Pioneer fan-boy the reply is…yeah it looks cool - but there’s no Cue-scratch.

So if possible in a update: When you activate 'Vinyl", make Cue-scratch Active as well…


Really? Cue-scratch = gamechanger? Fanboys wouldn’t buy an SC because of this feature?

I would reply: Yeah mate, you stick with your Pio’s! Cue-scratch is soooo 2013…

The ONLY time a Pio user has a valid arguments, it has to do with “Man, I have to change my entire platform; DJ booths nearly all have Pio; I cannot have a rider; when I stick my bedroom RB drive in the high-end player it works”.


If adjustable sensitivity and optional symmetry of wheel bend is not added to preferences, make the forward jog bend sensitivity the same as the rearward. Turns out that’s the issue. Rearward is fine; forward is too sensitive considering how the tension adjustment past the middle mark doesn’t improve the experience and we have to keep it loose – not consistent tension as the jogs are rotated. It’s actually easier to slow a record down than speed it up with vinyl, anyway, so if you wanted asymmetry in the bending rates, it doesn’t even make any sense currently as-is. Regardless, it’s also counter-intuitive checking phase drift alignment requiring a different amount of jog rotation to offset and then re-align them.


The first reply each and every time is: there’s no cue-scratch… They know their RB stick works so they cant use that anymore. :+1: And maybe even more clubs would “see the light” if it had the “basic” Pioneer feature like Cue-scratch. Just a thought!


Perhaps it has to do with your region, because I have never heard this “basic feature” to be even used or wanted. I wouldn’t want or use it, so for me it would need to be set to off in preferences. I do cue with the platter and release to start a track that way to mix (like an SL).

Now I need the clarify my somewhat harsh sounding opinion. If I hear a DJ scratching, I generally don’t take them seriously anymore. You’ll have to be really really good, use vinyl and definitely not using the Aaaaaahh sample to impress me; even being a non-scratcher. The times I’ve heard good live scratching in the last 30 years could be counted on one hand.


***Would like an option for a ‘full’ overview/preview waveform.


I agree Reeese, but non the less in DK that feature is “basic”. Even the sellers comment on that part. So if it could be activated when pressing Vinyl, it would reach alot of potential customers. I dont use that feature - just trying to help by telling what people say. I know DK is a small country but we have a big music culture.


Same as the Netherlands. Just a few small DJs overhere :wink:

I always have vinyl mode enabled to cue and release to start the track, so it needs to be a preference setting to enable it on/off on the button. I don’t want it to cue-scratch on my players.


Well good idea with the Preference setting :slight_smile: Think I’ve heard about some of the djs from the Netherlands :wink:


The full waveform is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


More people mentioning cue scratch… Anyone actually ever turn vinyl mode off? Personally I’ve never seen the point of turning it off. If that’s widespread sentiment, maybe vinyl off would serve cue scratch function with the option in preferences. But easier to just let people set cue with hand on platter in play mode, have the pause Pioneer cue scratch all the time, and then make vinyl off that reloop/adj auto cue scratch.


I have Seen some old school djs who never used modern media players (coming from cdj 100 or 200) which turn vinyl mode off.


yes but prefer a more “overview” preview of the track. much like on mcx8000 units display.


I often buy new songs from various offerings on the internet. However I would like to know if it is possible to hook up Prime equipment to a network share / Prime software to get the latest songs to the USB stick. It will be much easier and with less risk of destroying USB sticks if songs could be transfered over ethernet. It could be a link that gets established between your prime sw on a computer and your Prime equipment.


Hmm, ok.

Back to the jog bend sensitivity: maybe make adjustable sensitivity in settings with individual settings for rearward and forward rather than the aforementioned separate asymmetry setting and then one sensitivity if Luke, Oakey, and Tiesto prefer that. Default as 1 out of 3 for current rearward and 3 out of 3 for current forward, so the superstar spokespeople won’t have an issue with the change. 2 would be 150% sensitivity of current rearward and 75% of current forward. You seem to have the least sensitive I would ever want for rearward and the most sensitive I would want for forward, so perhaps that’s the solution. So that’d efault to how it currently is but let people adjust both in preferences.