Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



Kudos for finding/posting this. They certainly weren’t joking around when they kept mentioning “future proofing.” The nerd in me smiled seeing the pic of the ARM STM32F, that’s a beefy processor. :slight_smile:


Loving the modular design. DIY repairs should be easy depending on the fasteners used to hold it together.


Yeah, real easy to keep secrets in this day and age :stuck_out_tongue: Not like anyone opened up the iPhone X the minute is was available to show the whole world what was inside.

Yes, that was a pretty decent app in combination with two SC2900s.


i would like to see the beatkeeper countdown bar for the two playing decks, in one player or split waveform for the two playing decks, like you do when you are using serato dj/pro.


Is it possible to flip the way the play button works? Like you can with the hotels mode. I would like to use shift play for play/pause, and cup as default. If possible option, would be awesome. Oh and i now know its a sersto feature, but i saw it in a mcx8000 video, the keyshift mode for the hotcuebutons. And i would like to lock the New keyboard when changing tempo without keylock. So basicly use the tempofader as a keyfader, up to a certain tresshold to maintain quality of course…


A features I would like to see implemented:

  1. Hot cue banks (a la Rekordbox) using any tracks with your music collection in engine prime software which can then be exported to USB and loaded on the hotcue triggers, layer A or B, on the player. Which would give me the ability to play different track section on each hotcue.

  2. A way to dim or turn off the botton lights on the player, their intensity is kind of over the top for my taste.

That it, not much :slight_smile: Cheers


It would be nice if the button brightness could be linked to the screen brightness, so if you’re playing an outdoor party in the summer you want everything as bright as possible, but then tone it down when playing in a club.

Agree with the Shift-Play - I would much rather this was for Stop/Start and the current Shift-Play behaviour was default.


9 months in and I still love these things and would never look at CDJ NXS 2 as superior. Features mentioned above that would be great; ID3 tagging, in particular being able to rate the tracks. What is the point of analysing in deck and then having to go back to the software to rate it?

The recently played needs some way to export, and be time tagged like Serato does so when uploading to mix hosting sites (such as Mixcloud) you don’t need to manually tag. The rest, if I’m honest, for me, is damn near perfect!


I think you mean the 2900/3900 could communicate with a computer over a switch,


No, it’s pretty obvious that I was refering to wi fi linking option with ipad only in my post. We can only hope DenonDj develops the android/ios app again for use on Prime setup. Or at least bring back the link option through ethernet (that you mention) that is still missing from Engine Prime after a year.


Being able to dj from the restroom would be nice too. Maybe even a theft recovery feature where if it connects to the internet it’ll notify you its location and stuff if your gear gets stolen.


Bringing back the pitch slider diff’s to 0.02 at minimum O:)


Color Waveforms Thanks


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When switching between crates the last position you were in crate list instead of jumping back to the top of the list. Same for the Engine Prime.


0.01 at 4%, 0.02 at 8%, 0.05 at 10% & 20% & 50%, and 0.1 increments at 100% would probably do the trick for people I think, but I can be content with 0.05 increments at every pitch range as it apparently is on the latest firmware.

Any particular reason why they’re using those particular ranges? I would think 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or 4, 8, 16, 24 or 32, 50, 100 would be optimal. 8 and 10% are sort of redundant. Very minor niggle, if I can even call it that, though.

My wish list remaining then is a Retro Mode to hide moving waveforms, phase/phrase meter (if it has one), and BPM on the HUD. Customization browser columns. Get the ethernet linking up.

I am definitely pulling the trigger on one to try though. At least with testing one unit in dual layer.


That’s a pitch layout I would also prefer. Eitherway, would be nice to have this as a setting to be selectable for users.


they are already colored … 3 distinct colors, green white blue. better than this?? if you add colors to the waveform you only get confused. I use Serato for some time, and I find that between the two waveform, those Denon are the best. My opinion is obvious.


RGB colors like the serato colors.


To be honest, I’ve don’t much like pitch ranges below 8 or 10%, anyway, except for their deep pitch resolution. The drift that’s going to occur with 0.02 increments is so small, you could ride it for minutes at a time already. I’m not sure 0.01 increments at a range half the size is going to be useful. If they can already get classic deep pitch increments at a range higher and more normal, then they might want to just drop the 4% range if it’s an issue of coding complexity and not wanting a ton of ranges with their own unique increments that each has to be verified extensively for new firmware updates. The minimum “can’t complain” requirement, in my opinion, is just 8% (0.02), 16% (0.05), 32% (0.05), and 100% (0.1) or even 10% (0.02), 20% (0.05), 100% (0.1), but putting 0.05 on 100% is obviously not a bad thing. It’s too touchy to be necessary, but not making anything worse.