Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



Because one doesn’t agree with a request or see no use for it does not mean one should knock it.

The Serato forums is littered with people going back and forth on why feature should be or shouldnt be added e.g seamless automix.

If you don’t need a feature …don’t use it.

I will like better beat gridding. The current method is very poor as I have no efficient way to correct a wrongly detected BPM on the Engine Prime software.

I did do some poking about online and the only workaround is to use Traktor + Mixed In Key to write my BPM to the Comments tag before analysing tracks in Engine Prime.


One other thing I’d like to see added:

Save the prepare list to a crate on the player. Since a track disappears from the prepared list when it’s played, it would be useful to save that list in a crate for future recall. I do this all the time in Serato.


Yeah that logic works ok for some features, something as important as the waveform shouldnt be mucked up and turned into a technicolor scrolling pool of 64 colour vomit for users who prefer the three colour version which matches the Engine Prime displays and is perfectly adequate.

If there were options for single colour, tri-colour, 8 colour, 16 colour, 32 colour, 64 colour, 256 colour etc then users could just “Dont use it” for the 6 of those options that they dont want and just use the one that is to their liking. but not is re-sampling/re-colouring delays are going to be added to each track load.


I reckon even if this was being considered it will be an option and not forced on users. It’s quite easy for threads to go sideways when a debate starts on why this or that should or shouldn’t be added. Before you know it, it becomes a sync vs no sync issue.

I don’t mind any extra things being added as long as it doesn’t affect stability.

Lol @ Technicolor though.


That’s definitely quote of the week … and it’s only Monday morning :slight_smile:


This is simply an aesthetics requests, and I’m unsure if every LED for the buttons are addressable RGB, but if they are, could there be color themes that go with the deck layer/channel/whole setup? Like if there were different waveform themes (3 color is fine lol) similar to how Traktor does it, then the rest of the deck/mixer lights could be themed to follow suit. So the ring wouldn’t be the only thing serving as an indicator, it would be the whole deck. White, green, and blue are cool and all, but orange and warm colors are dope too.

Hope I made sense here.


Whilst the “Let’s make it the same as…” idea sometimes has depth, the LEDs used within the SC5000 design are specific to their intended roles.

The majority of the LED control illumination are white, rather than RGB.

The exceptions to this are the RGB illumination in the following locations:

  • The Layer switching button
  • The Platter Illumination
  • The Performance Pads
  • The Performance Pads Mode Buttons (Hot Cue, Loop, Roll etc)


Ahh okay so except the ones that do change color, everything else doesn’t. This idea was simply to make it a bit more apparent to which layer you’re on, I haven’t used these myself except for mixing two tracks in a guitar center. I’m sold on these at this point! I’ll keep thinking of things based on what I do know about them.


Display of the layers is really well covered already.

You can choose your preferred User colours for each of the two layers.


Layer A - Purple Layer B - Yellow

Those colours are then used by the LED ring which encircles the platter, which changes to the colour of the layer which is currently being controlled.

The round LAYER switch to the left of the display also takes on the colour of the layer which is currently being controlled.

Also, the layer name ( A or B ) of the layer currently being controlled, is shown in the lower left corner of the main touch screen display.

And…the scrolling waveform display shows both layers waveforms on the screen. Switching the currently controlled layer and the other layer from the main part of the screen to the lower section of the screen - always with play position of both tracks and “end of track” warning colour pulsing hints.

Plus, whenever the layer control is switched from A to B or vice versa… the layer which you’ve just switched to is displayed briefly in the centre platter display.

So overall, thats 5 indications of which layer is currently in use - just on the player itself.

Additional indications could also include the mixer that you’ve got the SC5000 plugged into. That will probably show bouncing lights/LEDs on a playing channel also, and headphone cueing will help differentiate channels/layers also.


Oh okay cool, I wasn’t aware of all that!


You forgot one Gee! There is also a long coloured bar across the screen just under the track title that is matched to the layer colour.


Liquid ingress isnt usually covered by the warranty - however, you may find that in a number of days, the button click and feel //might// return.


maybe a different topic but the posting of @addie shows that the SC5000 contains a WIFI module and bluetooth. I was not aware of this, and to my knowledge it is not used now but it could be used in the future…

This is news to me but maybe others were aware of this?


Also news to me, but they said it would be future proof. Just look at the mixer and the stuff that’s not used yet.


Just saw this, too. Now that’s interesting news. Maybe an app for mobile devices is coming?


I was aware of this for a while, but the point here in this topic was that @Subtronic wanted to see the inside :wink: Not exactly sure if Denon wants this out already, especially since they do not respond.

On the other hand, if you just read the User Guide (page 5) there’s also an indication :

RF Warning: This is a mobile device. Maintain a distance of at least 8 inches / 20 centimeters of separation between the transmitter’s radiating structure(s) and your body or other people nearby.

We have to wait and see what’s coming (or not)… I also can think of numerous possibilities (personally I hope for direct online music access like Spotify and Pulselocker), but that might be something (fun) for another topic. My point here was to answer the question about the inside :blush:


Thanks heaps addie and now you have me even more excited by what might be in the future for the SC5000


In the set up menu there is an option that says “check for firmware updates” and I thought to myself how on earth is that going to happen. You guys might be on to something.


Update could already be done with the ethernet port on the mixer. The mixer has already got an ip-address in my network.

The only new thing is that this could be done wirelessly. Also imagine putting a playlist live on social media with an app, save setting on your phone etc. etc. etc.


The presence of WiFi and BT modules in the unit was known even before the unit was announced by Denon (somebody found tehnical data on the FCC page) so yeah, kinda late a bit on this Prime train.

Also, previous generation of Denon media players had a ios app that was used wifi to browse and load tracks into decks (that were connected into a wifi router).

I think it’s pretty obvious what the fut…sorry - past brings.