Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



Hmm, that’s strange as they have actively supported Pioneer CDJ’s all the way along. One of the problems with Atomix support is that they don’t seem to have an official protocol on development. You tend to get a different answer from each person you talk to.

Here’s the latest statement on the VDJ forum:

Just to clear up a few things:

Since it’s presentation to the media, SC5000 Prime was advertised that it WOULD be able to work as a controller at some time in the future. At initial launch, the unit did not offer PC software control ability (because Denon wanted to push it’s stand alone playback abilities and the Engine software) Only today, 2017/11/06 Serato announced support for SC5000 Prime. However, there’s not a single word from Denon as how SC5000 Prime works as a controller. Does it use MIDI ? Does it use HID ? Does it use another proprietary communication protocol ? No one knows (yet) Without any technical information sheets and without the unit being able to communicate with a software it was impossible for us to do anything up to this point. Even if we could determine the communication protocol (MIDI/HID/Other) it would be like seeking a needle in a haystack.

At present, we wait to see if Denon is going to release any technical details (such as a MIDI table) or not. Afterwards we’ll decide how we’re going to proceed now that the unit is finally able to communicate with at least one software.


yeah i dont know who the guy i spoke to was at the dj show - he had a virtual dj t-shirt on and was on the reloop skateboard chipboard designed stand selling the reloop / virtual DJ stand alone model ---- so yeah he probably wasnt giving out any official comment of virtual’s maybe if virtual dj are in an agreement with reloop for standalone gear then they turn their back on other standalone kits. i can see how that would make sense specially as the less lapt tops in use by djs the less of a pool of laptop djs there are for serato, tractor, virtual dj to sell to. but as virtual dj has always had good video options though and karoke i dont think that virtual dj have much to worry about from standalone gear at the moment though.


Traktor for iOS devices does a stunning job of this…


-The connection in USB with the IPOD classic/nano/touch -the ability to rate a song or edit tag for add a message or a note -to have a auto-mix mod in continue play -a proposal for the next song


-Change order of the songs in the playlist -Toggle personnal logo \ cover \ clock \ time in the center screen


+1 on sorting options for playlists.


Creating playlists on the fly is a must for decent workflow. Every time you want to change the order or add and delete tunes from the playlist you have to use the software and resync the usb. Very impractical at the moment.


When you are in the directory and you have a lot of files, a fast jump with the select button could be do if you turn with push.


or like on the pio… nxs players, push the “select knob” for 1 sec then it goes into fast jump


What would you want the “fast jump” to jump fast through ? jumping through the song or through a list of search results ?


With further usage I kinda have a more understanding of the Crates vs Playlist.

Playlist is rigid… you have prepared set that you don’t want to deviate from. Eg playing a festival with lights/pyro guys.

Crates Is flexible hence the sorting ability.

With that in mind, I will use Crates going forward for my tunes.


1 I’d like to be able to do more in the way of track preparation/analyzing on the deck alone, like being able to name my cue points on the spot using the touch screen.

2 Eject media automatically on shutdown. I noticed in the tutorial video it was recommended to eject media before shutting down. It would be nice to do it automatically when you’re shutting down the deck.

3 a new cue mode where you could load different tracks to each cue. The touchscreen would allow you to select what cue point in each track you would like to start from, this would work like seratos sampler mode.


It’s been mentioned before but not having instant loop play catches me out a lot. I play on Pioneer and Denon kit interchangably and it’s one of the things that frequently gets me !

So I would like the ‘option’ to have the loop play instantly, just the same as hot-cues do. i.e. without having to hit play as an extra step


I also would like to see this included as you would not want to power down without a proper media eject.


I have never ejected media before shutdown. SC5000 closes the database when powering off. So in essence, no problem.


Oh yes, please…


Maybe something like a Long press that bring up a scrolable card with mire track details? (See more function) suggtion to optimize touch interface and realistate to provide more rich content display


A long press (just over a second) on track titles brings up a pop-up screen with the tracks extended tag information on it.


The same i mentioned a time ago. It would be very important to get more informations in the Browser-List shown on the SC Display. There would be really enough space to show i.e. the Rating Stars (it ist possible to create in Engine Prime, so it should be available on the SC Screens aswell) or Release Name. But not by holding the Title pressed. It should be conigurable in the Browser list to be shown directly in the list.


Flexible searching option

E.g. not having to type in the whole word correctly

Mr. Eazi - Leg Over (Intro Clean)

Mr. Eazi - Leg Over (Single)

Mr. Eazi and Major Lazer - Leg Over (Remix)

If I type “eaz over” I will like it to bring up all the above tracks.