Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



I think I saw that you could change the beatgrid by x2 or x1/2 from the player. Maybe that could help as a work around?


Don’t worry guys, there’s a firmware solution for Drum & Bass BPMs etc on the way.


@Gee_DenonDJ that was also stated last week however no reply on my question whether we have to wait a few more days, weeks or months?


Beta testing for the next firmware release is underway


Coolness request:

PLAY and CUE button flashing to tempo/beat/bar when standing by. Seems the RING does this already when end of track is imminent?!

SC5000 V1.2.1 - Update

I have a suggestion not sure it would be possible. How about a kaoss style pad onscreen to control effects. The effects could be on board the media player or if not possible the x1800 mixer effects would be controlled fro the media player screen.


Agree with you in this mate, but have now got in the habit of using the pitch bend buttons, which actually feels more natural to me as that was how you sped up a 33 record on technics (hold the 33 and tap the 45). They are great and really sensitive in the right way (light tap, light nudge).


Sure the buttons are good. But I think the mediocre jog nudging response (read that a couple times, now) could be improved a lot by a firmware update allowing for a user setting of the bend sensitivity. Imagine you could have both: The best jog on the market in terms of hardware AND software :wink:


I have the X1800 and SC5000s. Great product, and still getting used to them after using technics 1200’s or 3*SC3900’s and manually syncing the tempo for a long time. Thanks for the great innovative products.

Two feature requests for future firmware releases of the SC5000:

  1. “Layer B to operate as Layer A Loop Mode layer” - If I have a track going, I’d love to go to the B layer and be able to just start looping the track thats on the A layer on the B layer at the spot its at without affecting layer A. If the layer B screen gave you the option to do this it would be great for performances. i.e. the B layer has a mode which is just for doing loop performances on the A layer.

  2. Also, it would be great if we could more easily play the same track (synced) on multiple channels. I’d like to have the ability to easily have the same track playing on both layers of my SC5000 in sync. i.e. play pressed at the start at the same time, or able to catch up to where the other deck is up to and play it at that spot so we can have different channel settings on the same part of the music. i.e. FX, filter colour fx, EQ. Understand you can do that by plugging the SPDIF of layer A into Channel 1 digital in and the coaxial of layer A into Channel 2 coaxial but this does not help with looping. I believe the hardware should be capable of doing this on any amount of connected decks and layers.


I think Instant Doubles was requested fairly early on mate. I agree it would be great to have, fingers crossed!


Something else that I’ve remembered from Serato - Key Shift. Would this be possible on the primes?


I’m going to talk about better waveform and beat counter implementation so this is not necessarily for the purists. Nevertheless there is a huge number of more recent DJ’s (i.e.not doing club circuits and weddings for 20 years!) that have grown up with Serato, Traktor etc… and the visual elements of mixing are a large part, whether you like it or not. I play a NXS2 setup and also have controller experience so feel I have a pretty rounded opinion on this.

The SC5000 has class leading visuals and great waveforms but doesn’t implement them in a very useful way.

Feature requests then;

  1. A better beat counter. The NXS2 is far superior with it’s more refined option 2 beat counter display. I mix a lot of busy D&B at high bpm and don’t always have the luxury of time. I also don’t use sync … but being able to quickly see where the beat alignment is at a glance and nudge accordingly is a big help and far quicker that your ears when you are busy. NXS2 is great for this - the SC5000 should at least match it

  2. I can’t even use the current beat counter unless I have ‘sync’ engaged. That’s mad, why is that? … on the NXS and NXS2 it is always available. I don’t want to be forced to ‘sync’ to have a beat counter display for both tracks !

  3. Offer an option for split waveforms where 2 active decks can be visualised on the same screen, one above the other, similar to how controller waveforms can be implemented. Creativity can certainly be enhanced when comparing waveforms on the fly.

  4. Have the waveform of the layers in the colours chosen for that layer instead of the standard blue,green,white for everything. This would be another great visual reminder to those of us using the layer feature. i.e. for a red layer use red,pink,white, for blue …blue,light blue,white. …along those lines.

  5. Ability to drop a marker on the bottom track waveform (track overview) at any specific point and have this then displayed as a ‘beat countdown or time countdown’ on both decks similar to the NXS. Another great visual to see how long I’ve got before the next track

  6. Make all these selectable ‘on/off’ options in the menu … just to keep the purists happy !!


Thanks for your suggestions - I’ll add them to the list for consideration by the development team.

While the option to connect four decks together in a system isn’t new, having 4 decks with dual layers means that effectively theres 8 decks, so selecting which 2 waveforms (out of 8) are displayed together is certainly a consideration.

If the mixer in the system was a X1800 then (potentially) Engine Connect may be able to tell a cueing SC5000, which deck(s) is(are) playing out to the Master output and use -that- sources waveform(s) to include in any Waveform over waveform super-imposing.


Loving some of the suggestions that are being brought to light. I would love for the loop recall to start playing the track at the start of the loop instead of just jumping to the loop and having to hit the play button. Thanks!


After loading the track to play that is.


I love my sc5000’s but one thing I do miss from my cdj2000’s is the ability to set my hotcue buttons to different tracks so i can jump straight from one track to the other via the hot cue buttons


@Gee_DenonDJ, I know that most companies prefer not to provide a roadmap for the future, but is it possible to indicate something more what is being considered, what has been disapproved and what is planned? There is now a whole list of requests and I am very curious about the vision of development. It would be nice if the developers give feedback on (future) requests every now and then. What is considered, for example, or what is not possible (and then I’m not talking about concrete dates, but more feedback about what may or may not be possible in the future, what is liked and what not).


+1 On the phase meter being active for both decks even when sync is not being used. Ie on top of each other.


Feature Request

Search is ok as it is implemented right now if one is looking for a specific item but an additional way that the result field will get populated with every track containing a search string will be welcomed. Something like Apple spotlight search or the way Serato searches.


I have genre tags that might be not one major genre e.g. I could have a track tagged as “Hip Hop, Dancehall”

If I type “dancehall” I will like that result field to be populated with every track that has “dancehall” in any tag field be it in the comments, title, genre etc.

I hope I’m making sense.


The recent serato news is something which I think is great, even though it’s of no use for me as I’ve not come from a serato background. The way that the rekordbox data can now be imported into the SC 5000 without a laptop is great too and helps me a bit as I did have a rekordbox mixer/deck unit for about 2 years.

On the Native Instruments pages it seems that they also seem to be interested in the SC 5000 for tractor too. but talking to a virtual dj bloke at a DJ show two weeks ago, they seem to be disinterested in standalone players and he seemed to consider standalone players as a threat to dj programs. i cant understand that attitude from one of the big three dj program compnys when the other two have done what they can to be seen to like standalone products which could ultimately lose customers too.

I want to ask if the sc 5000 could have effects itself??? or would it be bad to have an effect coming in from a player and then have the mixer add effects to an effect? Years ago I think that me blowing a speaker was cause i was feeding one effect box into another effect box and making a very power full signal out. But now maybe the sc 5000 could be clever enough to have its own effects and know to only let effected sound out at a lower voumne to stop over powering outputs.