Feature Requests - What would You like to see?



Instant Doubles? (Or the ability to load to any deck/layer.) Don’t recall if that was mentioned.


Two request re: own logo on the platter: -

  1. That you can have it so it only displays when either a track isn’t loaded or has no album art

  2. You can toggle it on and off in the settings menu


This above is a great demand, I had thought of it as well. Hope to add it.


Beatjump by default at 32 Beats (rather than scrolling everytime from 16 , it is a pain when you’re rushing) when using the slicer function it will be nice to know which fractions are we using (if you press the arrows it changes quantisation but doesnt show on the screen)


Making a setlist or set with a folder via the SC5000, and not fully relying on engine ??? history list not practical or 100% accurate at collecting data.

Its most probably been mentioned and I have mentioned it else ware on the forum, but as well as the better on-board beat gridding options much needed, the most important for me is a better system so I can actually sort out sets via the players instead of having to use engine as it defeats the object of what these players are supposed to be hyped up about, yet they are left short on two of the most fundamental features/functions.

The history list is just not allowing me to sort out sets via the players, do I need to explain the many obvious reasons, all I would like to see is the availability to create some sort of a folder or track list via the sc5000 and drop my tracks to it, and it will create a set list, a few ways to be practical about it and its quitter obvious, but using the prepare and history list just does not allow for one to create a playlist/set only a list of what you have played, but if you are going through many tracks to sort then this is not particle and does not work for that, and its unreliable for me it does not even remember all tracks played. maybe its the date/times as I also have the problem where newly added tracks are given the correct date, lucky I can look at what’s not been analysed. anyway the being able to create set lists just like I could with DJ software and via the turntables and vinyl, the most fundamental function is not here !! after all we where told this was the first system where it can all be done via the players or such would be added, its been a while now and I just don’t get what the hold up is with such important things, I really hope this is sorted soon as I am starting to feel like I have been told lies in regards to your vision and customer service and determination to improve on, I am/was holding out high hope, but unless I have missed any firmware updates and engine updates, we are still stuck in a hole !. Not having a go, but saying how I feels so far, still waiting to be able to put my trust in the development of the prime system.


In my Opinion it is a good Combination: Preparing in Engine Prime and after that i have this Status in my Player. But there of course are better possibilities, i.e. creating playlists “on the fly” while playing a set. Or to have an identical functional view on the Player like in the Engine Prime Software with attributes like “***” or comments etc. But honestly i think, without a referring Software engine to prepare it might be difficult. I am so happy, not to need a Laptop during my Set but for Preparation… who cares? It is much easier to prepare the compilation on the Laptop. Of course, some features would be nice to have on the Players on the fly but most stuff (except of the facts i mentioned in past) can be solved by engine prime.


I second this, but the ultimate trick would be to have this ability without the need for the players to be linked. Might need Harry Potter for this one. Maybe somehow have some sort of drive mirroring setting within Engine Prime so that the player somehow knows it can pull the exact same file from a similar place but on a another drive…somehow mirroring the path or at least tricking it into believing it is the same.


I just read about the NI Traktor Patch Software. It would be a very nice feature for the SC5000 if it is compatibel.


I know that on April 1st 2017 the Article about Traktor Patch was a Joke by dj-lab.de but it was a fantastic Idea, which perhaps could word with die MCS in the SC5000? This is very very far future, i know but even nice…


This would be a great feature to add to the menu (where you push and hold the right hand knob) - A lot of drum & bass tunes are not analysed correctly showing only two thirds of the actual BPM (often 116 instead of 174) It actually puts D&B DJs off buying the SC5000 units as they like the analysis on the fly. This feature would instantly correct that by allowing a X1.5 option into the menu as shown:


We should be able to delete or remove track from our collection using SC5000


Wow Jace a bit harsh I think most of the owners of these fabulouse items have things we would like added or changed but you have to remember these things are brand new and unlike anything else on the market. I’m sure the guys at Denon have a massive list things they are working on but it takes time and I would prefer a nice stable and tested update than just banging them out and hoping for the best. I too bought the new prime’s over the current industry standard in the hope of not having to carry my laptop with me and I agree there is still a way too go before this is possible, but keep letting the forum know what you would like done and be patient I can assure you the guys at Dennon are monitoring our posts and taking note.


i admire your confidence on Denon dj maybe you know something that we other users do not know from experience.


I can vouch for the fact they are reading and paying attention. I’ve had senior people at Denon email me directly to address issues.

That said, having watched these forums and the Facebook groups closely over the year, I’ve noticed a bit of a cycle - lots of chatter and hype, then the official voices start to get quiet as products are getting hammered through beta testing, then boom - product drops and all the chatter picks up again.

I have no insider info whatsoever, but I speculate that the recent silence is everyone working hard getting stuff ready to launch at BPM in a few weeks. They dropped the Primes at NAMM, it would seem to be a reasonable guess that the first major updates could get showcased at BPM to generate a new round of buzz. But again, that is just me totally speculating. :slight_smile:


Not sure if this has been asked for already.

When I tried the SC5000s I noticed that the jog is pretty sensitive when it comes to nudging tracks. An option to decrease this “bend sensitivity” would be really cool. Traktor, for example, has this option for their touch strips.

I’m not talking about the physical resistance of the jog but rather the acceleration/deceleration of the track when turning the jog.


Hi everyone, first post on here. I was playing around/experimenting with my new toys and the track I was playing was approx 170bpm, the next track i mixed in was analysed incorrectly at 85bpm (half the real bpm, should have also been around 170bpm). Anyway they were both playing away together fine then i hit the sync button to see what it would do, it then slowed the first 170bpm track to 85bpm (halved its pitch). So this resulted in the incoming track playing normal speed but the outgoing track at half speed, it sounded AMAZING, especially as it had vocals (inner city life). I could recreate this effect but it would involve a lot of editing the tracks on the fly.

FEATURE REQUEST. I want to be able to instantly half (or double) the pitch of any track I’m playing. hold shift and tap + or -???.


Set pitch to 100% and move the pitch fader to the highest/lowest possible position???


Yes I’ve already played around with doing this but its not instant, the effect works best when two tracks are beatmatched playing normally then one track instantly halves speed. Also, trying to finely adjust a track thats at half it’s bpm with a pitch adjuster set to 100% isn’t the easiest task, or the quickest.


Press and hold SHIFT and Pitch Bend -/+ is already in use for adjusting the pitch range


Ahh, of course it does, silly me.