Feature Requests - Reset Sync & Pitch On Track Load


I find myself occasionally loading a track that I have no intention of beat mixing, but forgetting that unless or until you choose to disable sync - it remains on. It also increases the range of the speed change/slider allowed automatically. So I may go over to a new song, and it’s playing at like 30% slowed down or sped up. If I set that range to + or - 10%, I don’t want my controller increasing that on its own.

I’d like an option in the settings that says “reset sync and speed on track load”. I think this should apply to the pitch slider as well, so that your song is at it’s normal speed regardless where the slider is upon load - and you just move it back to center, or wherever the pitch adjustment is if you hit “sync”, to latch onto the track there.

I’d also love a setting that won’t allow auto sync to override the range set for the pitch slider. So if the song I loaded would have to exceed the currently set range in order to sync, it could start flashing the sync button as a warning that the song is not and cannot be synced. Then I can choose if I want to change my pitch range.

This is always how I set things up in my previous software/midi controller setup, so I’m just used to actively hitting sync and then making adjustments as necessary with the slider when I’m mixing. Perhaps I’ll get used to having to turn things off, instead of on…but it seems like an easy firmware update to let people choose if they’d rather things be on or off whenever you load a track.



Where you’ve mentioned “Occasionally loading a track that I have no intention of beat mixing” what sort of percentage would you put on “occasionally”?

A concern here would be that if the sync, pitch and speed are all “Zero’d” on track loading, then all the tracks that you do want to beat mix, would then need those settings turned back on (or go-fetched / soft takeover - in the case of the pitch slider). If your percentage of tracks which you are beat mixing, compared to those which you’re not beat-mixing is high, you could be setting yourself up for a busy time of re-pressing.

However, for some, beatmixing might be something that they only do rarely, so for them, the option could be really useful - for example: If they do chop/cut mixes 90% of the night, and beat mix only 10% of the night. For this reason, I’ll add it to the list for the development team.


It may be more of an issue of habit developed over time. Prior to using the Prime 5000s, I had 3900’s controlling VDJ. I had it set to always reset each track when I loaded it, and then I hit the Sync button one time to quickly align their speeds. So even though I do beat mix music 90% of the night, I’m just used to loading and hitting sync - unless it’s one of those 10% of times where I need to drastically change tempo and I don’t want them synced. So I think it would be a nice addition to the settings, to just give users the option as to the default on load. Maybe I’ll get used to my default being sync on, but I occasionally I miss it and have to quickly correct a song that starts playing at a ridiculous speed.