Feature Requests for better Workflow on Prime 4 with SoundSwitch Lightning

Sorting: Currently you can only choose one selection (key, artist, rating, etc.).

I would like to be able to sort by artist, rating, key.

Advertisement: The display above the channels only ever shows the “title name”. It would be great if the “artist” and the “total time” could also be read there.

Song suggestions: If Prime would learn over time which songs I would like to play together, Prime could perhaps make suggestions for the respective songs in the decks in a playlist similar to that of the “Prepair”. Maybe that would often inspire.

Computer mode:

It would be great if the playlists and new songs from Mac / Win could be copied without “Computer Mode”. Since you cannot hang up in this mode, but it can still happen that you notice during the gig that you forgot to update the playlists.

Rekordbox & Co:

We noticed that the Prime 4 can read Recordbox sticks and also recognize the playlists, but the Prime 4 does not recognize CUEs and loops.

With regard to Engine Prime, imported songs from other DJ programs are often assigned staggered loops or CUEs.

SoundSwitch Lightning:

The basic idea is already very good. Still, I can’t really use Lightning yet.

I need my Prime 4 display to hang up and don’t want to change the strobe, statics, dimmer or other light settings. I would therefore appreciate it if you could connect a Native Instruments Machine Jam, Akai APC 40 or Ableton to the Prime and use it to control the respective light sequences.

Alternatively, since Liam from Soundswitch already said that this is not possible (probably because of the different operating systems), Denon could build a Lightning mixer especially for Soundswitch as hardware. With which you can then use all the necessary controls in a compact design.


Tracks found cannot be moved to a playlist. At best, a move to the prepair playlist would be very useful. But a history would also make sense afterwards. Unfortunately, so far I can only collect the songs analog and then have to load them if necessary.

BUGS or Fails:

BPM are now and then 1 to 2 BPM recognized next to the correct BPM and you have to change it.

Synced tracks often diverge anyway. I always have to adjust them with the jog wheel, which is sometimes impractical when several tracks are running.


So far, such songs have diverged at different speeds when mixing. Especially whenever the speed changes due to the inserted grids.

Unfortunately there’s a separate form that needs to be filled out for each single feature request

So if you’ve got six hot ideas, you’ll need to fill out six feature request forms

Then members of the forum can vote for which feature they want most (apart from the fact that the forum doesn’t stop anyone voting for every single request lol)

The more votes a particular feature gets …. Well …. You never know your luck.

To add to this, use the Forum Search function. Most ideas are probably already requested by other members and like those and/or add to the discussion.