Feature Request: SC5000 Traktor Pro 3 HID


With the realease of Traktor Pro 3, a lot of people are leaving Serato and going back to Traktor (myself included). Mostly this is due to being able to use DVS with EVERY audio interface (so far I have tested it on a DJM 750MK2, Mixars Duo, Reloop RMX90 DVS, and a UA Apollo). It would be great if I was able to keep the setup simplified by having my SC5000’s work with Traktor Pro 3 in HID mode.

I am also posting this request on the Native Instruments Forums.


Like I said. You are coming back :wink:

Absolutely support your request for Traktor HID mode, though!


Maybe wait to see if traktor Pro 3 is a worth of support. TrKtor 2 was run with too much resource and was so of old. Too many versions and some feature only of work to using with traktor own-branded hardwares.

It will be interest to see if traktor is receive of any support after such long sleep away from DJs


What features were locked to ni hardware? I had everything mapped all the way down to the stems and sequencer on third party kit.


Some reported of the increase toplatter control or responseness of platter which only could be of access to native instrum hardware but not by traktor certifying hardware


Your referring to the difference between HID and Midi. All devices which worked in HID mode had the same software latency as the NI controllers. The differences between HID device response was related to the hardware latency on the device itself. Midi latency is dependent on the computer you are using and can be roped into overall input processing latency.


I’ve asked for the same thing at the Denon stand @ Amsterdam Dance Event this year… They said they had asked Native Instruments for this a while ago but they didn’t receive a reply from them… Hope they will collaborate to make this happen!


Native push the traktor labelled hardware first, of course, and really do not seem to see much beyond that, when it comes to favouring hardware.


Why point the finger at Native Instruments? Denon still did not even open the MIDI port on these players after 1,5 years. With MIDI support, these players would have been mapped to Traktor in no time. HID support could be added as a bonus later for better jog response and maybe even the displays.

I’m sure Denon did not release their HID specification to third party software companies, besides Serato, yet. If they would have, Virtual DJ would have been be the first to have support for the SC5000 in their software …


Because they’ve done it before.

Of course, it’s a loyalty thing, they’ll make their platters more responsive and lower latency when it’s a traktor badged hardware product and they put the full version of traktor free in the box if you buy a traktor badged controller not just the lite version. Oh and let’s not forget “traktor certified” or not, when often, there’s no reason for them not to certify particular models and brands … or maybe there is :moneybag: :dollar: :yen:


Traktor Certification does not exist anymore. Please check the information regarding the latest update. DVS support is now open to all hardware.


Maybe you should read up about Traktor 3? “Traktor certified” was always only used for Traktor Scratch, but now with Traktor 3, scratch is already included and there is no such thing als “Traktor certified” anymore.

Also: differences in responsiveness is more caused by using MIDI vs HID.


It’s great, well… it’s nice, that native instruments have spotted the error of their ways and finally changed it. I think that native instruments have snoozed for too long to be considered viable anymore, but yeah, time will tell. It might be just Serato battling its side against usb playback models


I would buy the media players tomorrow if it would have hid screen, controller full integration with Traktor Pro 3


I’ll +1 for you guys here. I see ya in the Traktor forums discussing the same.